It’s expected that Joel Embiid would be a tad rusty given that he’s missed over two weeks, but overall, he looked good since his return from injury.

Joel Embiid’s career has mostly been highlighted by trolls, antics on the court, and injuries. Embiid is the most unstoppable player in the league when he can stay healthy.

There’s a chance his most recent injury, a knee contusion, cost him the MVP.

None of that matters though, the Sixers should prioritize Embiid’s health over one year of personal accolades.

There’s a chance that Embiid will be among the league’s most dominant players for the next 5 years and not win an MVP just because of the nature of his play.

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Joel Embiid is 7 foot and weighs close to 300 lb but still moves like a guard which makes him truly unguardable. By the same token, it also makes him prone to injuries. Embiid could win MVP three years straight and his career is for nothing if the Sixers can’t win a championship during his prime.

The Sixers played to a tune of 8-3 without Embiid. When he left the team was a half a game above the Nets for the Eastern Conference 1 seed, when he returned they were a half a game out after the toughest part of their schedule. With all things considered, the Sixers played phenomenally during Embiid’s absence.

They seemed to have found an identity without Embiid on the court which is something that was never done under Brown, so why shouldn’t they prioritize Embiid’s health?

The time to win is now, the team doesn’t hire Daryl Morey or Doc Rivers and surround Embiid with talents like Simmons, Harris, Curry, and Hill if the time is not now. It’s proven year after year that the regular season doesn’t matter in the NBA.


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Forget the MVP, the Sixers need to get through the regular season with their team intact including Embiid, and unleash him in the playoffs.

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