With the new league year in full swing, there has already been an approved change to a 17-game season, and now reports of owners to approve a proposal that would change jersey numbering rules. That leaves 12 remaining proposals for owners to vote on, two brought forth by our beloved Eagles. While I don’t expect either of their proposals to pass due to league readiness, I do think the process of leagues changes and approving these proposals is very suspect, aka ALL about the money. It will be interesting to see how much steam some proposals will gain, such as the 4th and 15 rule. Either way, the NFL is doing their normal shady business, while not looking out for the players.

While some players have voiced their thoughts on the jersey numbering rules, does anybody really care? It has zero effect on the game itself. Not to mention, the first approved proposal was brought forth by the Kansas City Chiefs? Uhhh, ya think?! Now, fans will whine and moan about having their favorite player’s old jersey but will still buy a new one while Roger Goodell sees jersey profits soar. Kudos to Goodell and the owners for “doing something for the players”, while looking flexible approving their first proposal of the new year. God forbid a player wears cleats supporting a worthy cause outside of My Cause, My Cleats week, wearing pink not during breast cancer awareness month, or wearing a headband that reads “Man of God”. But not to worry, now your running back can wear a single digit, HOW NEAT IS THAT?!

My apologies on the profanity below, but shows exactly how the players are feeling.

But wait, there’s more. Now you will get to see your single digit numbered running back play 17 weeks instead of the traditional 16 games. After a total debacle of handling last season, the NFL out did themselves with this one. Just to be clear, it was impressive they were able to play an entire season without cancellations last year, but some teams took the brunt force of this, mainly the Pittsburgh Steelers. In addition, who doesn’t want more football? I’m not upset about a 17th game; I am bothered by the constant neglect for player safety and input.

Not only were these two jokes passed, but there are more pressing decisions to be made that would drastically improve the overall game. I may be a little biased, but I think the Eagles’ two proposals are necessary changes to continue to shift the game. The overtime format stinks. The poor attempt to combat complaints with allowing a possession to the opposing team if a field goal is scored, still begs the point of if you win the coin toss, you are more likely going to win the game. Although I will say, I don’t love Baltimore Ravens’ proposed spot-and-choose overtime option either. They should run it similar to college football but have them start somewhere behind the 40-yard line.

The other Eagles’ proposal was related to the 4th and 15 rule proposed by Denver Broncos last year, that didn’t even make its way to an official vote. Instead of an onside kick, which became increasingly harder after rule changes in 2018, the kicking team could elect to play a 4th and 15 down to retain possession. I don’t think the league is ready for this drastic of a rule change, but I do expect owners to take this possibility more seriously with onside kicks getting harder to recover and discourages surprise onside kicks.

More football is always a good thing, but the consistent lack of concern for player safety is getting tiresome. Before you start your, “these guys are being paid millions,” I don’t want to hear it. Talk to former players and the status of their physical and mental health, money can’t fix these problems. Plus, owners and Goodell are being paid significantly more than players, so why should they get to decide player safety? Let alone the hypocrisy of changing the jersey numbering rules for more jersey sales, but players can’t wear cleats or gear supporting a cause close to them without getting fined. Make this make sense Roger.


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