With the trade down to number twelve, the Eagles will likely be missing out on stud LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase.  There is still another stud wide receiver from LSU that the Eagles seem to be very interested in.  Terrace Marshall Jr is a player that the Eagles seem to be very interested in, and rightfully so.  Fellow blogger Christopher Blaylock wrote about Marshall and the Eagles last week, and now the hype around Marshall and the Eagles is growing even larger.  Howie needs to find a way to add Marshall to the receiver room.

Marshall caught 48 balls for 731 yards and 10 touchdowns last year.  He is currently projected to go late first-round or early second-round.  If the Eagles want to get Marshall they are going to need to trade back into the first round to get him, and they have the ammo to get him.  The hype around Marshall and the Eagles has continued to grow a lot leading up to the draft.  It is being reported that Marshall and the Eagles have been talking “a lot”.  Mike Kaye tweeted that it would only cost the Eagles their number 37 pick and number 70 pick to get back into the top 23.  If that is the case, then the Eagles should be all over this.  You still have another third-rounder from the Wentz trade, and you will still get to draft ten other players.  If the Eagles come out of day one of the draft with Jaycee Horn and Terrace Marshall Jr. then all Eagles fans should consider that a major win.

Marshall had been overlooked during his time at LSU while playing behind Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson.  In 2020 Marshall finally had his chance to stand out with Chase opting out and Jefferson drafted to the Vikings.  Marshall averaged more than 100 yards in seven games in 2020 and showed how lethal and versatile he can be. Playing in the slot and on the outside for the LSU Tigers, Marshall brings versatility to the receiving room.  He also brings 4.38 speed and 6’3 height along with great ball skills and route running.  Marshall would step in and serve as the immediate WR1 on the team and would give Jalen Hurts a great weapon to work with for now and the future.

With the Eagles talking more and more with Marshall they are clearly intrigued with the young LSU receiver.  Only 20 years old, Marshall brings a lot of different elements to the table for the Eagles that they do not have.  The Eagles do not have a receiver currently who can go up win contested catches.  The one part of his game that the Eagles fans are going to love is that he can actually track the deep ball, something we are not used to.  A 6’3 wide receiver with 4.38 speed would be a blessing for the birds.  Getting Hurts a legitimate weapon on the outside plus a true starter on defense on day one of the draft would result in an A+ from me.

With the draft now getting closer, the talks are getting louder and louder.  The Eagles certainly have their eye on Marshall, but taking him at 12 would be too far of a reach, and he most likely won’t be there at 37.  The Eagles could look to trade up to 23 with the Jets while the Jets look to stockpile assets.  As the days and weeks go on leading up until April 29th one thing will remain the same, the Eagles have a legitimate interest in Terrace Marshall Jr.

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