With the NHL’s Trade Deadline Day having come and gone, many and I mean MANY Philadelphia Flyers fans are really displeased (okay, they’re pissed) with the actions, or lack thereof, from GM Chuck Fletcher. Some fans wanted the team to be buyers and trade for Taylor Hall or Mattias Ekholm or any big-name player, while other fans wanted them to sell everything and everyone, from seasoned veterans like Giroux and Voracek to youngsters like Sanheim and Konecny to everything in between. Fans did not hold back, as they took to social media and blasted the team for not doing what they wanted them to do.  I admit, I too am a little disappointed in GM Chuck Fletcher. But I must say, some of my fellow Flyers fans have completely lost their minds.  For one thing, Fletcher did the right thing and resigned Scott Laughton to a 5-year x $3 million per season deal, locking the former 1st round draft pick in till he turns 32 years of age.  Now to me, the fans’ reaction to this one was a head-scratcher.  Some were SUPER happy they got the deal done (as I was) others were angry as they wanted him traded away at any cost, and again others wanted him traded for assets and then resigned in the offseason.


First off, if you’re not happy that Scott Laughton is a member of YOUR Philadelphia Flyers during his prime years, then I suggest you get your temperature checked because you may just be delirious, and if your temperature is ok, then take a crash course in Hockey: Team Building 101.  Scott Laughton is the quintessential jack-of-all-trades, he’s a regular Swiss Army knife. He is one of the very best bottom-six forwards in the entire NHL, whether he’s playing on the third line or the fourth. And if there’s an injury, he can move up and take a regular shift on the second line.  He’s an excellent penalty killer and is really responsible defensively. His motor never stops roaring. Obviously, he’ll never be mistaken for the most talented player in the league, but his heart and desire are never questioned. In the locker room, he’s absolutely LOVED by his teammates and his coaches.  This season in a bottom 6 roll, he’s posted a very respectable 7 goals and 17 points in 38 games. Although Laughton’s role is not to score goals, he does have the ability to do so. Check out the hatrick goals he scored against the Washington Capitals earlier in the season:



Now, if you just wanted Laughton traded just to see a trade happen, then that’s your issue, not the teams. If you were in the  “Let’s trade him for assets, then resign him in the summer” camp, then I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s not how the world works. Suppose Laughton had been traded for some draft picks. What do you think happens to the 5 years x $3 million per season deal he just signed with the team?  Well, let’s say in the off-season another team offers him $4.2 million per year for 5 years, or even $4.5 million x 5 years?  You don’t think Laughton comes back to the Flyers and wants them to match? Would you be happier then? And the best I’ve heard from fans is “No one would have offered him that”!  Really? Get serious. Take a look around the league. It’s full of guys that are WAYYY less effective than Laughton or are past their prime being just a shell of what they once were and are making WAYYYY more than 3 million per season. As for expansion, the Flyers can only lose a maximum of 1 player to the Kraken. It may be a defenseman like Ghost or a forward like JVR. To be honest, I’d rather the team loses JVR and his $7 million a year contract than Laughton at $3 million.  No, the Flyers did what’s best for business in resigning Laughton to play with the team during his prime years. As you can probably tell, one thing is for sure, there’s always a spot for Scott Laughton on my team’s roster.  Now, Go get’em Scotty!


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