After getting the better of Thomas Dulorme in October, Jaron Ennis now finds himself with a 28-0(1) professional record, and after delivering victory via a punishing knockout blow, he is hoping that bigger and better opportunities are soon delivered.

Opportunities that sees Ennis competing for some of the more established prizes within the welterweight division, and although he had a shot at potential glory last December, the IBO title would, unfortunately, allude him.

Although it must be said the opportunity would elude him in rather unfortunate circumstances, and with the vacant belt on the line, he and South African Chris Van Heerden were set to go to war over 12 rounds of action.

A war that had bettors looking for the best odds before the fight and with these two men considered as the equal of the other, it would have been a difficult decision in terms of picking the eventual winner.

Whenever getting in on the action, one should always look for the best sportsbook bonus to maximize their profits. Ennis was heavily favored heading into the fight.

A decision that was taken out of the hands of both men, as although the anticipation was for 12 rounds of pugilistic passion, the outcome was only one, and this came courtesy of a cut to Van Heerden’s head.

One that meant that the fight had to be stopped and with a decision of No Contest being given by the judges in attendance, it meant that both fighters’ claim to earn the IBO welterweight title was unfulfilled, and those bettors would see all their collective wagers voided.

Which although would have been an obvious source of frustration for both men and especially Ennis – as he was not the man who suffered the wound to his head, that frustration was certainly well channeled by ‘Boots’ just a few months later.

Because in April of the following year, the 24-year-old Ennis was then pitted against Sergey Lipinets, and with another 12 round fight scheduled, that previous frustration would explode in the face of the Russian.

12 rounds scheduled, just six needed, and with a 27th victory of his professional career in the bag, it was time to focus on a man who, for many, is considered the gatekeeper of the welterweight division.

A gatekeeper that comes in the shape of the Cuban Thomas Duholme, and although just a 10 round fight was scheduled for last month, it did not mean anything in the grand scheme of things, especially as it was all done and dusted in less than two minutes of the first.

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With that 28th career victory now secured, it seems as if the gate to the title fights in the welterweight division have now been reopened, and although there was disappointment in not landing the gold last year, it is fair to say that the Pennsylvania-born Ennis has not lost a step.

A step that many other great fighters have taken within the confines of Pennsylvania, and when you consider the state’s pedigree when it comes to creating world-class fighters, Ennis will soon look to join a rather illustrious list of names.

Names that include the likes of Sonny Liston, Bernard Hopkins, and Danny Garcia, and if you want to extend that list to the big screen, then it would not be Philadelphia boxing without mentioning Rocky Balboa.

Now whether Ennis ever migrates from the ring to the filming studio is something that remains to be seen, and the clamor for an extracurricular activity will only increase if the number in his win column also goes up at the same rate. Something that is not necessarily a foregone conclusion when you consider the caliber of opposition that potentially lies in wait, and even Ennis himself has referenced the quality of fighters that are now on the horizon.

After getting the better of Duholme in just the first round, he would have this to say:

“I’ve been ready (since) two years ago. Let’s line ‘em up, the top five guys,” Ennis said. “Spence, Ugas, Porter, Crawford, Keith Thurman. Y’all know how I’m coming. We’re taking over this welterweight division.”

When pressed further on who he would like to fight next, the answer was simple:

“I’m ranked No. 3 in the IBF, so Errol Spence.”

A prospect that is certainly mouth-watering for followers of the sweet science, and it is not just Spence that is in the sight of our man in question; there is also the small matter of Shawn Porter to consider.

Of course, this one might not be as easy, if only because Porter has said that if he loses to Terence Crawford this weekend, he will step away from the sport, and in doing so, it may just provide Ennis with a further boost up the rankings.

This means whoever wins the duel between Crawford and Porter on November 20th will also be on the shopping list for one of the rising stars at welterweight, and you get the feeling that soon will truly be his time to shine.

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