The Sixers have been difficult to watch this year. They have blown big leads, lost games against teams that they should beat, and have not shown up multiple times. They do not look like the reigning Eastern Conference Champions.

Ben Simmons has put a curse on this team and they’ve played like it but this week we saw something from the Sixers that we hadn’t seen since very early in the season, fight. 

The Sixers smacked around the Wizards at the beginning of their latest road trip and went on to finish the trip 3-0 with wins against the Raptors and Nets as well. There has been so much noise surrounding the Sixers, but it seemed like for the first time all year the Sixers took care of business. 

Say what you want about the Sixers but they have too much talent to be hovering around the .500 mark. They have been hit extremely hard by Covid, it seems like every Sixers player has been put into Covid protocols this year. The constant change of players being in and out has not allowed them to settle into a role and as a result, the chemistry has seemingly been at an all time low.

With the health of the team starting to get back to full strength, it seems like the Sixers are showing signs of life entering a tough part of their schedule. Life without Ben Simmons has been tough to adjust to, and it’s not easy with little to no consistency on the floor. 

This Sixers team may not be as good as the Nets or Bucks, but they’re certainly not a bottom dweller in the Eastern Conference. This year has been a hangover for the Sixers from a tough Eastern Conference Semi-Finals last season. They have struggled to find confidence or momentum. As the new year enters the Sixers may be beginning to finally get over the hump and get back to their winning ways. 

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