Yesterday your Philadelphia Eagles clinched an NFC Wild Card spot. They didn’t do this all by themselves so we have to give a nod to the Packers and the 49ers. In a game when it mattered the most, the Eagles pulled through and got the win in Washington. It certainly wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. HC Nick Sirianni deserves a lot of credit and praise for this very impressive turnaround. When the Eagles were sitting at 2-5, Nick Sirianni made the infamous flower speech. He received a lot of criticism to say the least. Since the flower speech, the Eagles have gone 7-2 so Nick Sirianni must’ve known something we didn’t. He has been pushing the narrative “One game at a time” which has helped the team fight back to the position that they’re in right now. 


The one big problem that we’ve seen from these recent games is the Eagles’ play in the first half. The way that the Eagles have started their last few games has been lackluster to say the least. Aside from their last game in Washington, it has mainly been the offense getting off to a slow start. Giving credit to the Eagles coaching staff, they have had some very impressive turnarounds in the second half of these games. After trailing by 10 against washington in week 15, the Eagles trailed 10-0 after the first quarter. They ended up going on a 27-7 run to win the game 27-17. Against the Giants, they were tied at halftime 3-3, they then scored 31 points in the second half to win 34-10. It is clear that the Eagles make the right adjustments at halftime, but that won’t win them games in the postseason. If they were to start out as hot as they’ve been playing in the second half, they would be a legitimate problem. 


With the Eagles officially clinching a playoff spot, who do we want them to play? The easy answer is Dallas, but that is far from the logical choice. As much as playoff Tom Brady scares me, he doesn’t scare me enough. The Eagles currently have a 68% chance of playing the Buccaneers and it wouldn’t be as bad as you think. They are without Chris Godwin, Leonard Fournette, Lavonte David, Antonio Brown, the list goes on. They are also coming off of a 4th quarter comeback against the JETS. The Buccs were also shutout by the Saints 9-0, this was the first time Tom Brady had been shutout at home in his career. This hasn’t been the best stretch for the Buccaneers so the Eagles certainly have the momentum. They are also a much better team than when they played them in week 6 when they lost by 6. There’s no real reason that Eagles fans shouldn’t want the Buccs anymore than they should any other team. 


Just today the Eagles had a covid outbreak where about a dozen players got it including Jason Kelce and Dallas Goedert. Thankfully everyone seems to be okay, and there is 12-13 days until the playoff game. If this happened just a week later the Eagles could kiss any hopes of making a run in the playoffs goodbye. Thankfully one of the name’s on the Eagles covid list isn’t Jalen Hurts. His passing game has continued to progress and his haters have continued to quiet down. This is such a good sign knowing that the Eagles have a quarterback for at least another year. In his first full season as a starter Hurts managed to get this Eagles team to the playoffs which is quite impressive. He also managed to get himself a pro-bowl nod as an alternate while he was at it. 

At the end of the day this team is no way near perfect, but WE’RE IN THE PLAYOFFS BABY. Happy victory monday Eagles fans, it is the best one of the season by far.


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