Over the last month and a half nobody has looked more dominant than Joel Embiid. Sure, you can look at Lebron’s statistics and say otherwise but the tale of the tape is undeniable. It is now clear that there isn’t a single person or team that can guard Joel Embiid, and it seems like he knows it. In the wise words of Mattisse Thybulle, “It’s much better having him on our team than not.”  Embiid’s Historic Run


Embiid has now scored 30+ points in 7 straight games, this is a career high and is just one game away from tying the franchise record. Last game against the Rockets he set the franchise record for most consecutive 30+ point games on the road. Putting him above Sixers legends Allen Iverson and Wilt Chamberlain. This is perhaps the best basketball of Joel Embiid’s career. 


Improved Playmaking


Over the last couple seasons Embiid’s playmaking abilities have really started to improve. In this season particular Joel’s ability to read the double team and pick them apart has drastically gotten better. Just last week Embiid recorded his 3rd career triple double in Houston leading the Sixers to a 19 point win. Embiid and Curry have developed a great 2 man game with pick and rolls and midrange jumpers from the both of them. It is beautiful seeing him incorporate the one missing piece to his game. He is already doing things that no 7 foot man should be able to do, modeling himself after guards such as Kobe or MJ. If he can add solid playmaking to his game he will be a top 5 player no question. 


Pure Dominance


Over the last few weeks Embiid has looked more dominant overall. He put on his own dunk show a couple games ago giving himself quite the highlight reel. There is not a single player in the league that can guard Joel Embiid 1 on 1 and stop him from scoring. Even the double teams struggle to keep him from scoring because he can at any level. You can make the case for Jokic because of his playmaking, but Embiid is far more dominant in the post than Jokic will ever be. Night in and night out Embiid can play bully ball with anybody that’s guarding him. If he wanted to and if he wasn’t selfish, he could score 40 points every night. 


Hoping For History


Hopefully Embiid can continue to make history for this Sixers team and score 30 points in each other next upcoming games. Lets also hope that the Sixers can extend their win streak to 8 and move up the ranks in the Eastern Conference.


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