Here we are. Days before Super Wild Card Weekend. Despite what media and professionals said about where the Eagles would go after a disappointing 4-11-1 record in the previous season, they’re headed to the playoffs. Sure, it’s against Tom Brady & the reigning Super Bowl LV Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the +8.5 spread is the worst the Eagles have been given against Tom Brady in a playoff game, but this could be another game where the underdogs could come up with the unlikely win.


You have to give Tom Brady credit here. He’s 44 years old, he’s still in the MVP conversation after putting up 5.316 yards and 43 touchdowns, plus he was able to lead the Buccaneers into yet another postseason with more than 10 wins in the regular season. All of it’s impressive, however the final 5 weeks of the Buccaneers season weren’t all sunshine and rainbows. After an Over-time nail biter against the Bills that had the Buccaneers walk away with a 58 yard touchdown. They were surprisingly stopped short against a tattered Saints team (one that the Eagles beat) where the entire football world was shocked that the Buccaneers were the losing team in a game that ended 9-0. The woes continued as WR Chris Godwin had his season ended with a torn ACL, Antonio Brown doing whatever that was during the game against the New York Jets that saw the Buccaneers down 14 points in the middle of the 3rd quarter. The list goes on, as Mike Evans’ name has frequently popped up on the injury report throughout the entire season including other big names such as Leonard Fournette (expected to come off of Injury Reserve this weekend), Ronald Jones, Sean Murphy-Bunting and Shaq Barrett.


Things look completely different on the Eagles side of the ball. After a 22-28 Loss to the Buccaneers in Week 6, the Eagles have become a completely different team. After putting up 2,033 rush yards in 11 games – including one that only saw Kenneth Gainwell & Jason Huntley rush for a combined 129 yards. The Eagles still put up 100 Rush Yards on 19 attempts against the Buccaneers in Week 6, except the Eagles were down plenty of key names. Lane Johnson was out, Jordan Mailata was moved to RT in his absence which meant Andre Dillard started as LT, Dallas Goedert was in Covid protocols at the time and only 9 of the 19 rushes were given to Miles Sanders. Now that the Eagles have successfully incorporated Boston Scott, Kenneth Gainwell and Jordan Howard into an offence that spends more time on the ground than in the air, hopefully Head Coach Nick Sirianni doesn’t fall in his old ways and rely off the passing game like he has in the past. Hurts performance wasn’t exactly worth mentioning in this previous matchup, but this team has grown exponentially in the 12 weeks of the season that came after this Thursday Night Football loss.


As much as we’re all expecting a win against the GOAT himself, however things might look to be in the Eagles favor with the amount of injuries the Buccaneers are coming over, the Eagles are getting healthier as the week goes on, and the overall improvement of the team under new coaches and systems has improved the Eagles to be more than a fluke 9-7 team with a lucky 7th wild card seed. Reminder this Eagles team was a last second field goal and a miserable divisional trap game away from being a 11-6 team. That’s a big enough improvement for this Eagles fan to be content with the season after watching the grueling season from the year prior. And at the worst, we secured our 3rd first round pick from the Carson Wentz trade which will have the Eagles with at least the 15th and 16th overall picks in this years draft, with cap space to play with Free Agents in the coming off-season.


Watch out for this Eagles team. Remember, hungry dogs run faster.


Go Birds!

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