Since his arrival, Tyrese Maxey has been impressing more and more with each passing game. It wasn’t expected that the Sixers would need the second-year player to take on almost 35 minutes per game, but Maxey has yet again risen to the occasion.

Last season, Tyrese Maxey averaged just over 15 minutes per game and soared especially down the stretch. With the sudden loss of Ben Simmons, the Sixers were in need of a point guard, little did they know they had the answer in house.

Maxey has more than doubled his minutes played, improved his 3 point percentage to almost 40%, and has increased in almost every aspect of his game.

Last year Maxey was just a spark, but this year he is a key component to a Sixers team that is suddenly scorching hot.

The initial thought was that the Sixers would have to net a solid point guard in return for Simmons, but that’s no longer true. The Sixers can now broaden their horizons and even attach a player like Tobias Harris now that they can lean on Maxey as an option on offense. If the Sixers can find a deal that moves both Simmons and Harris they’re suddenly set up very well for the near future.

Maxey has given the Sixers the most important thing they could’ve hoped for in the Simmons saga, options. Often times in situations where a player forces their way out it leaves the team with little to no leverage. Maxey’s sudden development has allowed the Sixers to wait out the Ben Simmons situation and potentially even shed two bad contracts in one deal. Every single time that the Sixers have needed to lean on Maxey he has responded positively, so they should just keep giving him more and more responsibility.

Who knows what Tyrese Maxey’s future will end up being, but he is certainly developing into a star right before our eyes. The 21 year old is just getting started and looks to be a mainstay in the Sixers starting 5 going forward.

Photo via Mitchell Leff of USA TODAY Sports

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