The 2021-22 season has officially come to an end for the Philadelphia Eagles. There were some really fun moments and there were some very disappointing moments. The last game of the season couldn’t have gone much worse. That being said this team was never supposed to be playing that game in the first place. The Eagles exceeded expectations so there aren’t many takeaways from the game. The one big takeaway from the game yesterday was that Jalen Reagor desperately needs to be cut.

Jalen Reagor was downright awful this year. Last year most Eagles fans blamed it on the injury for his low production but there’s no excuse for what he’s done this year. Here’s a fun stat: Despite being arrested in week 8, Henry Ruggs had more receiving yards than Jalen Reagor did all season. His production has been low all year but the real slander started after the Giants game. Just about everyone had bad games in the loss to the Giants including Jalen Hurts though nobody had a worse game than Reagor. Despite how bad of a game the Eagles played they still had a shot to win the game. Hurts delivered 2 dimes when it mattered most and Reagor dropped BOTH of them. That was the moment that we all knew that Jalen Reagor could no longer be on our team.

From then on it only got worse for Reagor. He did have some better plays in the last couple of games of the regular season but the number of negative plays outnumbers the good. Not only has his offensive play been horrendous but his punt returns were atrocious as well. The amount of fair catches or returns under 3 yards is just insane. This horrible special teams play carried over into the game against the Bucs yesterday as Reagor muffed a punt not once but TWICE. The first time was the play that sealed the deal for the Buccaneers. It was still a 17-0 game and if the Eagles scored a TD that drive the game could’ve been manageable. How fitting is it that Jalen Reagor put an end to our season?

While I’m not sure what the Eagles will do with him, in some way they need to get him off the team. Not only is he terrible, but he’s soft and couldn’t handle the fans even if he was good. The amount of sad/mad/annoyed faces that he made yesterday even with him being one of the biggest problems on the field is so frustrating. He has absolutely no room to talk with everything that he’s put this team and fanbase through. He has disabled his Instagram comments yet again because there’s no way he could take the hate. At points, I felt bad for him this year but after the last game, it’s just inexcusable. The worst part about it is that I still can’t believe we took him over Jefferson. That’s probably the only reason they even played him this season. Being a first-round pick when we desperately needed a wide receiver, we needed Reagor to succeed. That was of course not the case and he was a huge waste of a draft pick. With his production and the circumstances that he came into, Jalen Reagor might just be the worse Eagle of all time.


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