During the off-season, there have been many Union players reportedly seeking a transfer out. On Monday, news broke the Union Forward Kacper Pryzyblko is the latest player possibly on his way out.

Kacper joins Union players Kai Wagner, Stuart Findlay, and Anthony Fontana (free agent) as Union players with links to being transferred.

However, unlike those 3 players, Kacper is the first to go public and break the news he may be transferred.

Kacper’s Comments

Kacper went on the record himself, stating that he may be transferred. Unlike in the situation of Kai Wagner, where Kai just stated he wants to take the next step, Kacper stated the Union has offers on the table.

He stated that he has interest from European clubs, specifically Turkey and Russia. However, he also has a contract offer from the MLS side Chicago Fire.

Kacper states that “the sporting directors will talk with each other and we’ll see what comes of it.”

Where Is This Coming From?

Kacper has been the Union’s number 1 striker going on 3 years now. He has the 2nd most goals scored in union history, trailing only club legend Sebastian Le Toux.

Kacper also has the best goals per game in club history, having .4167 goals per game. Second best is CJ Sapong with .2814.

Reading Kacper’s comments, you can clearly come to the consensus he is not happy with his situation here. This off-season, the Union has made it clear they want to upgrade the striker position. Already making a move to acquire another striker, and links to be trying to add another.

On top of that, his contractual status is an issue for him. His contract has been an “option” contract, meaning it is up to the club to decide whether to retain him or not. Despite signing a 4-year deal, he was never offered security. Something he clearly wanted.

He states that the stress he endures not having that contractual security really impacts him.

What Kind of Offer is on the Table?

Kacper stated the Chicago Fire has a contract lined up for him. A long-term guaranteed contract, exactly what he wants. He stated there is “a million dollars on the table.”

It is clear by Kacper’s own words he wants out. Stating “I would like to accept this offer” and “Do they want me to stay or can I go to Chicago?”

Does the Move Make Sense?

A big factor is does the move make sense for all sides? Right you, you have to assume the answer is no.

The Union, despite adding a striker, is still thin on depth at the forward position. Sending Kacper away without adding another Forward would leave the Union with just 3 strikers.

As for Kacper, Chicago may give him what he wants contractually, but he may not fit in too well. Kacper is a striker that cant really create for himself, he leans on his team to create for him. This has led to very streaky play from him.

Going to a Chicago team that has struggled to create offensively may not turn out too well for him.

Where We Stand Now

Kacper, along with Kai Wagner and Stuart Findlay, have reported in Chester for the start of the Union’s preseason training. Meaning they are currently and actively with the team.

As of now, go forward with the thought that the Union won’t be sending away any players this transfer window. Especially when that transfer would leave the Union shorthanded. However, the situation is something to keep an eye on…


Featured Image: Wes Shephard/PHLSportsNation

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