Another week, and another week of more trade rumors without anything coming to fruition. The latest story states that the Sixers and Simmons are willing to continue the stalemate all season. This would mean the Sixers going the entire year without their all star point guard, and basically wasting another MVP caliber season from Joel Embiid. This is not acceptable, and hopefully that report will not actually turn out to be true. Daryl Morey and the front office need to aggressively search for a good trade partner to move Simmons out of Philadelphia, however there should be certain players that should not be included in those trade talks. It may be surprising to some fans, but Seth Curry is one of the players who should not be included in any trade talk.

Star In Your Role

Any great player needs surrounding players to star in their roles in order to win a championship. Every championship team has players who understand, and star in their role on the team. A player understanding and thriving in their role is an irreplaceable characteristic. Seth Curry is a perfect example of that type of player, someone who consistently performs and compliments the best players game perfectly. Curry’s shooting ability provides great spacing for Embiid on the court and his handles make him a great option for a pick and roll partner. Curry was the one who stepped up and was the second best player on the Sixers during the playoffs, not the two max contract players. Curry is a perfect fit with Embiid and consistently steps up when the Sixers need him most, which is something that cannot be said about everyone else on the team.

These trade rumors are going to continue to circulate until the deadline, as they should, but when the Sixers are negotiating any trade, Seth Curry should not be included in any packages. He has proven his value to the team time and time again, and has shown the ability to takeover games when he catches fire. The Sixers need to make a move to not waste such a great season from Embiid, but they should carefully evaluate which players they are willing to include in any trade packages.

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