Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

What did we really expect?

After the dreadful 4-11-1 season we all go to witness last year, this Eagles team was above most expectations. Getting in to the playoffs as the 7th seed may not have had the best possible outcome we all prayed for, but being able to say the Birds made it to the postseason is an accomplishment of itself. 

With an abysmal defence more cringeworthy than watching Jim Schwartz scheme constantly giving up big plays on 3rd down, Gannon’s defensive scheme lucked out with our poor schedule that several teams weren’t able to capitalize on our bend but still break ideology. Sneaking our way through teams and backup quarterbacks, we were lucky to get that 9th win and end up in the playoff picture. Thankfully Jonathan Gannon is interviewing for several head coaching positions and may not return as the Eagles Defensive Coordinator.

This was also a fresh start for the offence as well, putting DeVonta Smith into a lineup with questionable WR depth never set the passing game up for much success (outside of Smith barely seeing the ball until the 4th quarter of our Wildcard game) but a full year of new coaches across the majority of the offence, took some time finding the identity of the Eagles in 2021 (We didn’t run heavily until Week 7 against the Raiders) so everyone from Hurts, to the O-Line, and our Receivers had to pick up a new game plan, unlike last season it took Sirianni a few weeks to get dedicated to the run game unlike when Doug Pederson would completely scrap the run after several failed plays resulting in a pass heavy offence with less than extraordinary receivers. Sadly the run plan was foreseen by the Buccaneers and ended our high hopes of stomping Brady in Tampa and moving on to Lambeau.

It’s a good thing we have next year. 

Sirianni & Roseman confirmed this afternoon that Hurts will be QB1 moving forward, and whether that’s the truth or PR101, this is till a team that can make it to a .500 record. Luckily we’ll have huge improvements coming this season as long as we keep our three first round picks (15, 16 and 19 overall) we can expect major upgrades on every side of the ball. There will also be some open space in the cap heading into this season, so hopefully Roseman is able to sign in the Free Agency period and make some moves during the trade deadline of the 2022 season.

Lastly, this Birds fan wants to thank you for reading my work throughout the season, and hopes that he’ll be able to make his way across the border to see all you lovely Eagles fans at the Linc for what should hopefully be another fun season.

Fly Eagles Fly

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