For my whole life, I have only seen the Phillies in one look, the classic red pinstripes with a white backdrop.

There is nothing more perfect than these uniforms. It is old and classic, yet it is timeless where anyone can wear the jersey with pride. However, when does it become time to change a jersey after many years. The answer with these jerseys is never in a million years. Timeless items go timeless for various reasons. The Phillies wore these types of jersey for almost 60% of there franchise. Why would we need to change? 

Other examples of timeless jerseys are the Cubs, Yankees, Reds, and RedSox. Theses are the best-looking jerseys in the league and haven’t been touched in many years. So then, what’s the point of talking about a jersey when there is no need for changes. Well, what about the city connect jersey that we can create?

The one thing the Phillies missed out on having this year was creating a city jersey like how the Sixers have it. The Phillies wore the same type of uniform throughout the year, their classics or the Red practice jersey. The Phillies having a different kind of jersey would actually make more attention for the team around the league.

A great example was when the San Francisco Giants had those alternate jerseys to represent the golden state bridge. These jersey have to be one of the worst one ever worn, but it creates attention to the Giants franchise. New uniforms as a whole can brighten up the mood for fans who have been dealing with a playoff skid for more than a decade.

What would my ideas be for the Phillies? Just something unique or historic. The Phillies used to have Yellow jerseys to represent the Swedish settlers and Quakers of the Philly area. The Phillies used to be the Blue Jays awkwardly enough. They could create a somewhat blue uniform to represent that name. It May go out of the reach but like Phanatic jerseys where the Phillies were a green jersey like they do for st Patrick’s days. Maybe go and create a magic village type share of jerseys.

I think there are so many opportunities that the Phillies could use in the city of brotherly love, and yet I feel like they have no creativity. Heck, their creativity is nonexistent, as we can tell by how the team has been run for the past decade.

Photo by: Fanatics

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