The Eagles wide receiving corps has finished another season, and with that it’s time to take a look on how they’ve each fared.

DeVonta Smith- not much more could be asked from the Eagles 2021 first-round pick given everything surrounding him on the field. Smith finished the regular season with 916 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns, and 64 receptions. He also broke the franchise record for most receiving yards by a rookie, edging out DeSean Jackson’s 2008 record of 912 yards. For some unknown reason, Smith was not targeted until late in the second quarter of the playoff game versus Tampa Bay, resulting in only 4 total targets for the rookie. However, Eagles fans should obviously be looking forward to seeing Smith as WR1 again in 2022, hopefully with some more help.

Jalen Reagor- Reagor continues to be an absolute bust of a first-round pick. Many hoped that he would have a turn around from his rookie season this year, but this has proven to be false with his 299 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns, 33 receptions, and frustrating drops. Most notably, Reagor dropped two potential game-winning touchdowns in what ended up being a 13-7 loss to the Giants in Week 12. There is simply no reason for Reagor to be on the roster any longer, he is a liability to the team.

Greg Ward- a solid WR3, Ward always manages to pull through in big moments for the team. While he only had 7 receptions on 11 targets this year, he managed to turn in 3 of those for touchdowns. More than can be said for Reagor, he deserves to stay.

Quez Watkins- Watkins had 43 receptions on 62 targets this year for 1 touchdown. He was not super active in the offense, but like Ward is a solid WR3 option, but may not be productive enough to be on the roster come training camp.

J.J. Arcega-Whiteside- Arcega-Whiteside is another bust of a draft pick who does not deserve a roster spot next season. He didn’t produce a single touchdown this season, had 2 receptions on 5 targets for a total of 36 yards. And these numbers came after he played in 16 games. There is simply no need for him on this roster.

Overall, the Eagles wide receiving corps was uneven this season. The Eagles intense focus on the run game that led them to be the number one rushing offense in the league was attributed to the poor receiving corps. With three first round draft picks, another top receiver besides Smith would certainly be a valuable pick. Go Birds!

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