Every team has its greats, but some of the Philadelphia Eagles players will go down in history.
Of course, we are not just talking about their current team; we are talking about the players to have graced the team throughout history. 

They have not exactly been top of the league this year, although they did see the wild card round of the season, but the Buccaneers slaughtered them 31-15.

Yet, their current history is not their entire history, and while we are all eyeing up the Super Bowl betting odds, we want to consider the players that have made the team great over the years. 

So, today we will talk to you about the best players in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles, over all positions, and all years! 

1) Reggie White

Reggie White is at the top of everyone’s list, and even if you are not a fan of American Football, or even if you are not from the U.S., you will know the name. 

It is hard to explain to someone who never saw this legend play just how exhilarating it was to see this legend wipe the field in his play. He was, without a doubt, the best pass rusher to play for the team. 

He made 125 sacks in 121, and this is a record that might never be reached, let alone beaten by another eagle in years to come. 

He was not just fast, but strong too, and he was part of one of the most legendary teams in history. He joined in 1985 after he made a name for himself in Tennessee, but within 13 games, he had made 100 tackles! Damn Reggie White, that’s impressive! 

2) Dick Vermeil

Okay, we know this might not be what you expected. However, Dick Vermeil did do good things for the Eagles. While he didn’t have the most successful run or win a Super Bowl, he did take over as head coach. And, when he did in 1976, he took them over at a point when they hadn’t reached the playoffs in 16 years! Within 4 years of him taking them over, they reached a Super Bowl! 

Okay, so he wasn’t a player, but he needs to be remembered because what he did do was bring them back to life after a run of shoddy play and non-success on the field. 

3) Chuck Bednarik

Photo: AP Photo

Otherwise known as Concrete Charlie, Chuck Bednarik is known as being the toughest player of his time, and he was without a doubt a true ‘Iron Man’ on the field. 

He played as a linebacker and as a center, and he was one of the final ‘60 minute men’ out there. 

He was also a major part of two different championship teams in ‘49 and ‘60. 

He was not just a champion, but he was the icon for the hardiest Eagles defending team we ever saw. 

4) Steve Van Buren

Steve Van Buren also had an impact. He was a legendary backer and certainly the best of his time. You could even say that he helped to guide the team into two Championships. 

When he finished his career, he had 5,860 rushing yards and 69 touchdowns to his name, which was at that point in time an NFL record! He was the one to beat for future players. 

Not only that, but in all his 8 seasons, he was All-Pro in 7 of them! 

5) Al Wistert

Most of you won’t know this legend, but that is because he was a legend in the 40s. He was most important to the team in the 40s when he was a tackle that really paved the way for the aforementioned Steve Van Buren. 

He was also selected for 8 All-Pro line-ups. Al Wistert was the most dominant offensive tackle of his time, and while it was nearly 80 years ago that he was at his peak, he deserves to be remembered for the legendary player he was. Not to mention how he influenced the Eagles.

6) Tommy McDonald

McDonald was a versatile threat on the offensive team. He made an example of what it meant to be versatile and powerful. He had 10,000 all-purpose yards by the end of his career, which in his era was some big numbers. 

He played for the team in the 50s and 60s, and at one point, in the 60s, he led the league in receptions as well as receiving yards. 

It may have been a long time since he played, but these are the players that influence the way the game is played today, and they make for an example of what a great player is now. 

7) Donovan McNabb

You may remember McNabb. He is the face of the team that went to five NFC title games back in the 00s. He was around in the era of a shortage of epic teams, and when the Eagles could not get over that wall for three years going. 

He made it to the Super Bowl and was a model of consistency in performance, an example to lead by.

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