With the 21st pick in the last draft the 76ers took Tyrese Maxey out of Kentucky. Even last year we knew how big of a steal Tyrese Maxey was at 21. Now, halfway through the 2021-22 NBA season, the 76ers have made Tyrese Maxey practically untouchable. 

The Sixers played the red-hot Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night without the MVP, Joel Embiid. They came up with a widely impressive win in overtime as they were led by Tyrese Maxey. Tobias Harris was also a huge factor in the win, but Maxey was the clearcut leader in that game. In fact, the last play of the game was a game sealing layup by Tyrese Maxey to give him a total of 33 points. If he wasn’t already, this game solidified Maxey as untouchable. 

Recently, reports have surfaced that Wizards guard, Bradley Beal, is open to being traded. This obviously interested the Sixers as it is an immediate highly impactful trade that would get Ben Simmons off the team. Even so, the Sixers have remained adamant that Tyrese Maxey is off the board. This was to the excitement of the entire Sixers fanbase as everyone is now sold on Maxey. 

Tyrese has a lot to work to do on the defensive side but he has already shown improvements. He also has improved his jump shot a lot from his rookie season. In just the last game against the Wizards, Maxey got off to a hot 2-2 start from beyond the arc. It’s a beautiful thing watching Maxey’s game improve night-in and night-out. When the paint is free’d up from Embiid/Drummond, Maxey can drive in at will with the ability to make crazy layups.​ The Grizzlies-Sixers game was a back and forth show off between Maxey and Morant. Sixers fans are lucky enough to say that Maxey won that matchup.

Even for a trade like Harden, the Sixers shouldn’t give up Maxey. He’s so talented and has so much potential for greatness. On another team, Maxey could possibly be an All-Star within the next couple seasons.​ This season Maxey is averaging nearly 17 PPG, 3.6 RPG, and 4.8 APG. He’s averaging these stats on 47% shooting from the field and 40.4% from the 3. These stats are obviously much improved from last season, and he’s been a great offensive filler for Simmons. If Maxey can become elite on the defensive end, he’ll be one of the best guards in the league for a long time. 

In the most recent report, 76ers HC, Doc Rivers, said that he’s never trading Tyrese Maxey in a deal with Ben Simmons. In other words, Tyrese Maxey is officially untouchable.


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