Some big name QBs moved around the league this off-season. And if you want the Eagles to be part of a trade at the magnitude of the Stafford/Goff trade this last off-season. Then there could be several options on the market that the Eagles could replace Jalen Hurts with if Howie Roseman & Nick Sirianni want to move on from the 2nd year QB after his first full season as starter.

Jalen Hurts
(15 Games Played)

61.34% Completion, 3,144 Yards, 16 TD, 9 INT

139Att, 784 Yards, 10 TD

Hurts’ first season as starting Quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles was quite successful. Huge improvements happened across all 18 weeks of the season as the offence adapted into a rushing menace. With three 1st round picks in the upcoming draft and cap space to spend, I’d expect a stronger offence next season with growth from Hurts, Smith, Goedert and any returning or added members of the offence. Hurts has room for growth, it’s not often you end up with three 1st round picks so Howie & Co. should be spending them wisely. 

My thoughts: Save the picks and use them in the draft. Provide Hurts a stronger receiving core that his better depth than Smith>Reagor>Watkins>JJAW. Give Sirianni & Hurts the 2022 season now that there’s expectations to return to the playoffs in 2022. 


Russell Wilson
(14 Games Played)

64.75% Completion, 3,113 Yards, 25 TD, 6 INT

43Att, 183 Yards, 2 TD

Wilson had a very comparable passing season this year to Hurts, after suffering a week 5 finger injury that expected him to be sidelined 6-8 weeks. Wilson was back on the field 3 weeks later and was shutout by the Packers defence. Despite shutting down trade request rumors in June, Wilson did mention if a trade was were to happen, he would only waive his no-trade clause for the following teams: Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, Bears. Wilson becomes a Free Agent after the 2023 season, a 2 year lockup at a $37 million cap hit would take a chunk of the Eagles available cap to improve the rest of the roster.

Bad news for Eagles fans, they’re not on that list. However could Seattle be interested with three 1st round picks in discussion? Perhaps a QB swap plus more could sweeten the deal that sees the 33 year old Vet packing up from the Pacific Northwest.

My thoughts:
I don’t think Wilson would be the right move for the Eagles future. Wilson isn’t getting any younger and this could end poorly for the Eagles. There’s bigger holes to fill in this roster, and trading a bunch of picks to fill one of the many problems isn’t the winning solution. 


Baker Mayfield
(14 Games Played)

60.52% Completion, 3,010 Yards, 17 TD, 13 INT

37Att, 134 Yards, 1 TD

To some, this would’ve been the Browns year. After losing a divisional round playoff game to the Chiefs last year, everyone expected the Browns to return to 12-6 with a crumbling Steelers offence and a Lamar-less Ravens. However something didn’t click right for the Cleveland Browns this year. Was it the fact Mayfield tore his left labrum in week 2, continued to play and injured it in week 6 with a fractured humerus? Probably, but that didn’t stop Mayfield from seeing the field. Had Baker been shut down sooner perhaps the Browns could have done something different with this season instead of flopping about with an injured QB for 17 weeks. If the Browns want to move on from the former #1 pick, so be it. I don’t imagine the Browns asking price would be through the roof after this season and Bakers recovery.

My thoughts: This is another move I wouldn’t be a huge fan of. People can talk about Hurts lack of an arm or inability to read past his first option. However there’s been enough video evidence that Baker has the same issue.


Kyler Murray
(14 Games Played)

69.23% Completion, 3,787 Yards, 24 TD, 10 INT

88Att, 423 Yards, 5 TD

Although missing WR1 DeAndre Hopkins for 4 games where the Cardinals went 1-3 in that span. Kyler was still able to put up the best numbers between these 4 QBs. 

This is a bit of a weird one, it’s quite unexpected, honestly. As Kyler received criticism for his lackluster performance in the Wild Card matchup against the Super Bowl bound LA Rams, makes you wonder what the Quarterbacks 4th year might look like. If you’re a social media sleuth, Kyler recently removed any traces of the Arizona Cardinals from his Instagram and Twitter pages. Perhaps he’s not sold on remaining with the team that brought in JJ Watt, James Connor and DeAndre Hopkins to boost them into a threatening position of the NFC West title. Perhaps he plans on holding out for a large contract similar to Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes.

My thoughts: If Nick Sirianni wants to move forward with a Run heavy offence with a different QB at the helm, Kyler could be an answer akin to Hurts. I’m not saying throw all three 1st round picks plus Hurts at the Cardinals for that trade. But if the Cardinals are interested in moving on, I’d pick up the phone and see what the asking price is.



What are your thoughts? Are you team Stick With Jalen, or are you looking to move on to a different Quarterback for the 2022 Season?

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