Reports surfaced yesterday incidcating that Jalen Hurts’ future in Philadelphia might not be as solidified as we thought. Jeff McClane reported that the Eagles organization isn’t completely sold on Jalen Hurts’ potential. Many Eagles fans, including myself, would love to see Jalen Hurts in an Eagles uniform next year. Taking a team from 4-11-1 to the playoffs the very next season should be enough to earn you at least one more year. Some rumros surfaced about Kyler Murray being a possible option but that seems like a bit of a stretch, even for those who are keen to get Hurts out of Philly. The biggest name and most realistic option that the Eagles would trade for is Russell Wilson.

Wilson to Philly?

Wilson has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for a long time now. Leading the Seahawks to a Super Bowl ring and nearly a decade of success. However, it would seem now that Wilson’s time in Seattle is coming to a close. With Wilson looking for a new home, and the Eagles looking for an elite quarterback, it should seem like a perfect fit. To many Eagles fans out there it is indeed a perfect fit as we wouldn’t need to give up a lot for him. The big expectation is centered around 2 first round draft picks and Jalen Hurts. This may not seem like a lot for someone on Wilson’s level, but it’s practically throwing their future away. 

Age is a factor

Russell Wilson is currently 33 years old, giving him just a few more years in the NFL. It doesn’t make that much sense to trade for him when his level of play will likely be decreasing. Especially when you factor in the fact that you have a young quarterback that’s shown a lot of promise. Hurts definitely has work to do, but most of his flaws are fixable through practice. The Eagles have 3 first round draft picks in a draft class that could really help them out. With guys like Sauce Gardner and Devin Lloyd possibly being available, you have a real shot at improving your defense if you’re the Eagles. These guys will bring even more young talent to this roster, keeping the Eagles future very bright.

DON’T waste potential

When you have a roster that has so much potential, why would you change it up? These guys all love Hurts as a person, and even if he can be frustrating to play with at times, he has also provent to be very good in certain moments. In my opinion at least, it makes more sense to let these guys grow together as players, humans, and as a team. At the end of the day, chemistry is key in the NFL. In 2017-18 the Eagles may not have had the best roster in the NFL, but they easily had the best chemistry. If the Eagles let Jalen Hurts be the franchise quarterback, in a few years time we could have that chemistry again. We’re still in a rebuild and a rebuild takes time. Yes, we made it to the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean that the rebuild is over. We can succeed with Jalen Hurts if we give him the right tools to succeed.

Deal or No Deal? 

NO Deal

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