Daryl Morey believes Sixers are 'well-positioned to go on a run' with James  Harden

While the NBA trade deadline has passed and the Sixers are one of the biggest winners of the deadline with the acquisition of James Harden, Daryl Morey’s job for the 2022 NBA season is not finished. Time to pounce on the buyout market. Those who don’t know what that is can be a player who gets traded to a team or is on a team that is simply going nowhere. They are looking for a better situation, so their current team buys out their contract for an x amount, and they recoup that x amount when they sign with a different team which is usually the league minimum. The Sixers already missed out on one potential player in Tristian Thompson, but here are three others I think the Sixers should be interested in.

1. Gary Harris

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Ever since Gary Harris signed that massive 4yr/84 million dollar extension with the Nuggets, his career has gone downhill. Harris has never played up to expectations and now is on the worst team in the NBA in the Orlando Magic. Harris is a buyout candidate because the Magic have a plethora of younger guards that should be getting playing time over him as once again, the Magic are going to have a top-five pick in the draft. Harris brings in a solid 3-D role player that I think in the playoffs can be more reliable than Furkan, especially on the defensive end, and he is more than capable of knocking down the three-ball as he is shooting 38% from three this season. If Harris bought out, the Sixers should be on the top of his list.

2. Deandre Jordan

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The Deandre Jordan back to LA experience has not been pleasant. Jordan began the year as the starter for the Lakers, but the 33-year-old has made only four appearances for 42 minutes in 2022. When the Sixers gave up Andre Drummond in the Harden trade, they lost a reliable rebounding big, precisely what Jordan’s game is. Plus, I like his fit with Harden as he is a rim-running center that is excellent at catching lob passes out of either the pick and roll or from the dunker’s spot. I think the fit here makes perfect sense, and Jordan could give you 10-12 minutes a night when Embiid is on the bench vs. bigger teams. 

3. Eric Gordon 

Rockets' Eric Gordon adjusts to the point

While I think Gordon will not be bought out, he would undoubtedly be the best player the Sixers could acquire. Not only is he an excellent three-point shooter who can go off for thirty points on any night, but Gordon is also very familiar with Hardan and Daryl Morey being on the Rockets through all of those deep playoff runs. While I think the Sixers are deep, I don’t see a lot of boom production from anyone on the bench except Shake Milton, great teams have very reliable 6th man, and Gordon has played that role for some of his careers. Morey should get right on the phone with his agent and get a deal done if Gordon is bought out!

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