Ever since the Eagles’ 41-33 victory of the Patriots in Super Bowl 52, watching the big game has me just itching for the Eagles to get back. With the excitement of the game and the hype leading into it, I’m sure I can speak for all Eagles fans in saying we want to experience that again. So realistically speaking, how far away are the Eagles from being on top of the world again?

Looking at the shape of the Eagles, this off-season has a huge role in what the Eagles will look like even five to ten years down the road. Howie needs to hit on these draft picks or trade them for valuable players. The Rams showed us trading picks can lead to a championship, but you also need to hit on later-round picks as they have. With cap space to play with and picks to work with, if the Eagles even want to sniff being a contender in the next two to three years they need to nail this off-season.

So are the Eagles viable contenders next year? Being realistic, not at all, as of now. Anything can happen, the Bengals won four games last year and made it to the Super Bowl, but it just seems far too unlikely for the Eagles. To get to the Super Bowl you need elite quarterback play. Of course, there are teams that make it to the Super Bowl with the mediocre quarterback play, but for the most part, you need an elite quarterback to push you there. While Jalen Hurts wasn’t awful this year, he wasn’t anywhere near elite. If Hurts is in fact the future, he will need to take massive strides if the Eagles want to be contenders next year.

With the way of the NFL right now you need a quarterback who can throw the ball efficiently. As of right now, Hurts isn’t a quarterback who can throw that effectively. Hurts still has plenty of room to grow as a passer, but at this set moment he isn’t the most accurate quarterback we have seen.  His legs add another dimension to his game, but the accuracy was a huge issue last year. Too many missed throws and reads. So that leaves the question, can the Eagles look to add an elite veteran quarterback?

If the Eagles were to add a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson then they would immediately be bumped into the contender conversation. Adding one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL would cost the Eagles a lot, but would give them a quarterback they can trust and count on passing the ball. Do the Eagles think Hurts can develop into a top quarterback in the NFL, or do they think they need to add a veteran to help push this team to Super Bowl contention? That’s a question only Howie and the Eagles staff can answer.

So with the question of being when the Eagles could contend again, I think the answer lies in this off-season. We’ve seen teams go from worst to first in the past. Could the Eagles make a massive jump this year? They absolutely could. The Eagles have already committed to Hurts as their future, but like Brandon Graham said, with Howie as your GM anything is possible. If the Eagles stick with Hurts, then they most likely won’t be contenders next year. The Eagles will need to see drastic improvements from Hurts as a passer, or next year could be his last if he even is here next year.  But again, you never know.

If the Eagles want to realistically contend in the next two to three seasons then they will need to add an elite quarterback. I like Hurts, but he is not the quarterback to propel a Super Bowl team at least right now. Bringing in an elite quarterback would automatically make the Eagles one of the favorites to come out of the NFC and go to the Super Bowl.

So to put my answer in more condensed terms, if the Eagles choose to stick with Hurts, I think it will take them around three-plus years to truly contend. Hurts is too raw right now as a quarterback to say the Eagles could legitimately compete with him in the NFC. Now if the Eagles trade for a quarterback, I think they could compete as early as next season. An elite option at quarterback could elevate this Eagles team to a contender within a season.

The future of the Eagles relies on the quarterback position and what Howie does with Jalen or if he pulls the trigger on a big-name quarterback. If it was my choice, I’d personally stick with Hurts and build around him. He has shown he’s a leader in the locker room and he gives the Eagles a good option at quarterback still on his rookie deal.

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