There has been a ton of mixed signals in Philadelphia when it comes to the starting quarterback next season. Even with Jalen Hurts supposedly earning his spot for next season, there have been reports that say otherwise. The most recent report from CBS Sports states that the Eagles have no intent in moving on from Hurts in the offseason. That being said. IF the Eagles do move on from Hurts, who are the possible replacements? There are two elite quarterbacks that could be on the market looking for a new team. Those two quarterbacks being Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson.

Both quarterbacks are amongst the top-10 conversations, and have a lot of talent to offer. In many people’s eyes, if you add one of the two to the Eagles, they immediately become contenders. Now, the question is, which quarterback would be a better addition for the Eagles?

Deshaun Watson 

When talking about Deshaun Watson, you’re looking at a young and very talented quarterback. Before the allegations hit him, he was viewed as a top-5, potentially top-3 quarterback. Watson being only 26 years old, he would be a very strong target for a team that has a future. The Eagles definitely fit that description, having a few very young pieces to work with. Over Watson’s four-year career, he’s accumulated nearly 15,000 yards, 104 touchdowns, and just 36 interceptions. Statistically speaking, Watson is an outstanding quarterback. Even when not talking about his stats, there are very few flaws to his game. The major problem with Watson rests off the field with his legal status.

Here is the most recent report on Watson Via ESPN:

There is a huge risk that the Eagles would be taking not knowing if Watson will be charged or not. This kept him out for the entire season this year, and will likely keep him out for some more time. This, on top of the Texans’ asking price, is what’s keeping him from being a real candidate. The Texans are asking for 6-7 assets including three first-round picks which is very high considering his situation.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson has been one of the best quarterbacks over the last decade and that’s no question. Winning a Super Bowl with the Seahawks, as well as receiving 9 Pro Bowl nods, Wilson has quite the resume. Wilson has at least 5 years left of play in today’s NFL, but we’d get him on his regression. There is no doubt that Wilson still ranks atop of the NFL in terms of the quarterback position. Last year he had somewhat of a “down” year but he was dealing with an injury that kept him out of some games. This may have decreased his value a little, but it showed where he stood with Seattle. Everyday it’s becoming more and more likely that the Seahawks move on from Russell Wilson over the offseason.

In terms of how he fits with the Eagles, it would be a great pairing. The Eagles have plenty of room to operate and improve before next season. With a stacked wide receiver free agency group, the Eagles would be able to get Wilson good targets behind a great offensive line. This is a very clear recipe for success. Jalen Hurts is very young and definitely seems like he’ll improve a lot over the course of his career. Many fans believe that he earned his spot next year and should be given another shot to lead this team. This is why trading for a new quarterback just may not make any sense at all.


That’s another story for another day. If it were to come down to it, the Eagles should 100% trade for Wilson. There’s less risk and the asking price is much lower. While a trade may not even come close to happening, it’s important to keep an eye out on this. And for anyone that strongly prefers Watson over Wilson, this article’s for you. It doesn’t make sense trading away what could be the new franchise quarterback for someone that may never see the NFL field again. It’s way too risky, and Wilson would do just fine in Philly.

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