Previously, I wrote early expectations for the 2022 Eagles matchups against their Divisional Rivals within the NFC East. Another 4-2 record wouldn’t come as a shock, but don’t rule out going 5-1 quite yet.

Therefore, it is only fair to cover the  7 Games within the NFC.

The Eagles will also be facing:

    • NFC North
      • Detroit Lions
      • Chicago Bears
      • Green Bay Packers
      • Minnesota Vikings
    • 2nd Place NFC West & South
      • New Orleans Saints
      • Arizona Cardinals


NFC North

Detroit Lions

Last Played: 2021 Season, W44-6

The Eagles demolished on every side of the ball in Week 8 against Detroit. Now this Detroit team did go on to win 3 games, the first being a week 13 upset against the Minnesota Vikings that could have potentially kept the Eagles out of a playoff spot. Detroit currently holds the 2nd and 32nd Overall pick in the upcoming draft. I’m not expecting them to be contenders next year but they do have the possibility to upgrade.


That being said, the Eagles also have major opportunity for upgrades this offseason with 3 first round picks and cap space to spare. It might not be another near shutout, but the Eagles walk away with this one.


Chicago Bears

Last Played: 2019 Season, W22-14

Both of these teams are completely different from this 2019 matchup. Trubisky and Wentz are both playing in the AFC, Nick Sirianni will be heading into year 2 as Eagles Head Coach. While Matt Eberflus, former Defensive Coordinator of the Colts takes over for year 1 presumably with Justin Fields at the helm. The Bears don’t own a first round pick in the upcoming draft, with only $25.3 million available in cap space and a list of upcoming Free Agents including Allen Robinson, Akiem Hicks.


The Bears might not be at the same level of compete as the Eagles next year, but if Eberflus is able to turn that defence back in to what it has been in prior seasons. Room for error might become slim. The Eagles walk out with this one. It could be a deciding factor in playoff seeding, as the Bears face off against the NFC North teams twice, as well as the 49ers and Falcons.

Green Bay Packers

Last Played: 2020 Season, L16-30

This last game was the one that ended Carson Wentz time in Philly. Hurts was capable of putting up a performance in the dying minutes of what was a 17 point blowout in the middle of the 3rd quarter. However, the Packers have some big problems coming in to the 2022 season. The Packers are coming into the offseason with -$41 million in cap space next year, with a list of Davante Adams, Kevin King & Robert Tonyan. The Packers own the 28th pick, and with disparity growing between Aaron Rodgers, things might not be looking good in Green Bay.


The Eagles won’t be favored to win this game, but if Sirianni & Gannon can call a coherent game. Philly might walk away with the upset at home.


Minnesota Vikings

Last Played: 2019 Season, L20-38

Philadelphia simply couldn’t contain Stefon Diggs that game. 3 Touchdowns and 167 yards from 7 receptions. Yikes. Good thing Diggs only got replaced with Justin Jefferson, right? Maybe not, but the Vikings cleaned house at the end of the year. The Vikings cap situation isn’t terrible. You can figure out -$16 million. Kirk Cousins might not be the QB of the future, but his $45,000,000 price tag is off the books in 2023.


This is kind of like a test year for the Vikings. If former Rams Offensive Coordinator Kevin O’Connell can do what he did that won Stafford & the Rams a Super Bowl in one season. They could be a wildcard team amidst the rest of the NFC teams that are trending upwards, or perhaps this will be the year they blow things up even more. This game will be decided by a game winning drive. I just can’t decide who it will be. Birds by a million.


2nd Place NFC Teams


New Orleans Saints

Last Played: 2021 Season, W40-29

Don’t let the 11 point lead fool you. This game wasn’t nearly that close. The Eagles gave up a garbage time touchdown that had :45 seconds remaining on the clock. The Saints cap situation is also extremely messy. -$76 million, with Jameis Winston, Marcus Williams and Tarron Armstead hitting Free Agency and Taysom Hill being a 12 million dollar price tag attached to this situation won’t leave the Saints in a good position for the upcoming season.


The Eagles run game was able to mop the floor with the #1 run defence. If the Saints are planning to have a down year with new coach Dennis Allen being promoted from Defensive Coordinator. The Eagles should be able to rinse and repeat against the Saints for a second year in a row. At least we’re back in Philadelphia for this one.


Arizona Cardinals

Last Played: 2020 Season, L26-33

This was Hurts 2nd full start after taking over for Wentz. It’s a shame the Defence wanted nothing to do with playing that night. With Kyler throwing for over 400 yards and 169 of them going to DeAndre Hopkins. The Eagles didn’t stand a chance to win this one. However with a Cardinals team that might have a fractured relationship with Kyler Murray might have some problems going into next season. Their cap situation is fine. with an estimated $2 million available and a list of free agents including Chandler Jones, A.J. Green & Zach Ertz. If the Cardinals don’t expect to finish another season with an 0-6 run that turned them from a division contender into a wildcard seed, they should be able to continue down the path they expected last season.



If the Eagles don’t make some major improvements on the Defence, whether it be from playcalling or Draft & Free Agent signings. This game will end in a shootout similar to the 42-30 game against the Chiefs. And I don’t think the Cardinals are a team you want to get into a shootout with. The Cardinals will take this win. but hold out hope for the Hungry Dogs.


There’s still 5 games left to play in the AFC. With an expectation of seeing the Eagles at 7-5 at this point in the season. Will they be fighting for the Division with the Cowboys? Or in the midst of another 6 team battle for the 3 wild card positions?


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