This years free agent wide receiver class is a particularly good one, with names like Allen Robinson and Davonte Adams in the mix. It’s no secret that the Eagles are in desperate need for WR talent. As we will be entering free agency soon enough, I wanted to compile the 3 best wide receiver candidates for the Eagles.

#1 – Allen Robinson 

Allen Robinson has been one of the better receivers in the league for the majority of his career. While his statistics from this season may not reflect that, he has been very consistent throughout his career. The former Jacksonville Jaguar, and now possibly former Chicago Bear, could very well be on the move this offseason. Robinson would fit very nicely in a paring with himself and DeVonta Smith. This could also leave them room to draft a receiver in the first or 2nd round to really solidify the receiver position.

Some Eagles fans would prefer that the team trades for Calvin Ridley, and with signing Robinson that would almost certainly throw that idea out of the window. Not to say I agree with this, but for this reason Robinson may not be the “best” option for the Eagles. This list isn’t in any order, although some would argue that Robinson actually is the best option. The main issue with this signing would be contractually. Robinson’s been on a decline and he has been making some serious money. If his asking price is too high, the Eagles should absolutely look in another direction. This would also depend on what the organization is thinking about doing with the draft. A draft pairing could work with Robinson, however it would be very unlikely to pair Robinson with another free agent or vet.

The team has other needs and can’t just spend their money on one position, maybe getting two receivers for the price of one is the better option. This is why I can’t say for sure whether or not Allen Robinson is the best option for this team. What I can say though, is he’s a pretty damn good one.

#2 – Chris Godwin

Chris Godwin is an outstanding option for the Eagles, but most likely an unrealistic one. Tom Brady’s retirement does make the situation a bit more likely, however I don’t see Godwin Signing with the Eagles. That being said, if he did sign with the Eagles, it would be a match made in heaven.

Godwin has been viewed as one of the best receivers in the league for the past couple seasons and he’s only 26. The rest of the Eagles team is young and that would fit very well with this theme. This team has a great opportunity to grow together as a young and developing team. An Eagles fan could hope that he chooses us, but it isn’t very likely. Godwin has been great for Tampa Bay and I have no doubt that he’d fit in very well with this Eagles team if he were to choose to do so. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say because it just doesn’t seem like it’ll happen.

#3 – Emmanuel Sanders

Emmanuel Sanders may not have been a name you heard a lot about last season but he’s still a solid receiver nonetheless. The beauty of Emmanuel Sanders is that he won’t be making much money. The Eagles have a bit of cap room to work with, and with a Sanders signing, they could sign another bigger name receiver in free agency on top of having Sanders. One of these possibilities is JuJu Smith-Schuster.

A new receiving core consisting of DeVonta Smith, Emmanuel Sanders, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Quez Watkins, would be greatly improved. This signing even makes it possible for them to trade for Calvin Ridley. Sanders had himself a bit of a down year and it’s clear that his career is regressing. Even so, he would still be a productive receiver and give whoever the Eagles quarterback is next year. This isn’t very unrealistic, and Eagles fans should be expecting a largely improved receiving core next season. This is a very underrated candidate and I think it could work in the Eagles’ favor very well.


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