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As we all know, the Eagles are owners of three first-round picks in the upcoming NFL draft. The Eagles hold the 15th (via Miami – thanks for DeVonta!), 16th (LOL), and 19th pick (Eagles). There are multiple ways the Eagles can use these picks. So let’s take a look at what the Eagles can do. This is in no particular order.

1. No Trades

This option involves the Eagles using all three of their picks. I love this option for them and think it is the route Howie should take. The Eagles have plenty of holes to fill and need young talent. The defense needs help, and using all three picks on defense is the smartest move. The primary need on offense is a wide receiver. The Eagles are better off adding a veteran receiver to Smith and Watkins instead of drafting one. If we can add a linebacker, defensive end, and a defensive back in the first round the defense could be set for the future. I don’t see many cons of keeping all three picks. There is always a risk that the picks won’t work out. We have been let down in the past and wouldn’t be surprised if there were some misses. The only other con I see is that you now have three rookies thrown into starting or crucial roles.

2. Trade Pick(s) for Players

The obvious talking point with this option is trading for a star quarterback. It’s hard to see any other player they would give up a first-round pick for. I don’t want Wilson or Watson anywhere near the Eagles. Further Wilson is now off the board and the Eagles do not need to get involved in Deshaun Watson. I prefer the Eagles keep developing Hurts and use the picks to build the team.

3. Trade Pick(s) to Move Up in Draft

This one is simple. Use multiple firsts to get a higher first-round pick. This option could make sense if a player remains available that you want and didn’t think would be there. This has good and bad sides. The good would be moving up to select a more talented player, while still having another first. The bad is we now have one less first-round pick. This draft is deep enough that the Eagles don’t need to move up, but they should go for it if they feel like a player is there.

4. Trade Pick(s) to Gain Future First(s)

Another team is trying to move up in the draft in this situation. The Eagles could use a pick to gain a future first. This could potentially leave the Eagles with two picks this year and two next year, or something along those lines. This could establish more draft depth in the future while still having two first-round picks. They could also gain future firsts and use those picks to make trades. I don’t see this option happening, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles received calls related to moves like this.

5. First Round Pick Swap to Gain Future Draft Pick(s)

Similar the last option, the Eagles use picks to gain more picks. Here, the Eagles would swap firsts with another team and acquire more picks later in this draft. For example, the Eagles could move from the 19th to the 21st pick and gain an extra second in this draft. This could be an exciting option depending on who is still on the board. The Eagles could potentially land a player they would have drafted anyway and gain another pick in the draft.

What Should They Do

It would be silly not to at least look into all the options. Each option has its pros and cons. In the end, I would use all three picks. This is a deep draft. There should be plenty of talent left when the Eagles are on the board which makes this is a great draft to have three first-round picks.

What do you think the Eagles should do with their picks?

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