As of yesterday, March 8th 2022, Russell Wilson became a Denver Bronco. Wilson was the biggest contender for the Eagles starting quarterback position other than Jalen Hurts. The name DeShaun Watson is still out there, however, he is still dealing with his legal issues. We will find out more in the coming week but as of right now there hasn’t been much progress. Many Eagles fans are upset that the Eagles weren’t able to land Russ. Even so, they had plenty of warning when Howie Roseman gave Hurts the nod not once, but TWICE. Now that it appears that the Eagles will be sticking with Hurts, let’s look at the positives with his outcome.

For starters, Jalen Hurts is 23!! Hurts is a very young quarterback with one of the best work ethics that I’ve seen from any player in today’s league. When teammates and coaches are asked about Hurts, they always seem to mention how hard he works. A lot of people in Philly seem to forget that this was Hurts’ first season as a starter. While it’s natural to point out your starting quarterbacks’ flaws, Hurts receives an unnatural amount of hate from his own fans. The main two flaws that are pointed out in Hurts’ game are his accuracy and field vision. While they definitely need improvement, they are also coachable. Hurts has natural arm and leg talent which is the main thing needed. With his work ethic, he should absolutely be able to improve in the areas that he’s lacking in over the next couple seasons.

The most impressive accomplishment for Hurts so far is leading the Eagles to the playoffs in his first year as a starter. There were definitely mistakes by Hurts that costed the Eagles last season, but they can’t completely outshine the good. There were very good plays made by Hurts, including the longest regular season play as well as a game-sealing juke. That juke agains the Saints solidified Hurts as a long term starter for many Eagles fans last season. These moments lit a spark for the Eagles that caught the eyes of fans and coaching staff that gave them at least some confidence in Hurts. The playoffs could’ve gone better for the Eagles, but it’s not all on Hurts.

Lastly, the Eagles will likely greatly improve as a team over the offseason. There is a stacked free agent receiver class, and that’s their biggest need on offense. The Eagles also have 3 first-round picks that could all be used to improve defense. A better defense takes weight off of Hurts’ shoulders. If the team stays healthy enough, we will likely see back to back seasons where the Eagles are in the playoffs. This would prove Hurts’s abilities to be a winning quarterback. There is a lot of room for improvement, and Jalen Hurts is always hungry to improve. That sentence alone should give you at least some confidence in the fact that he’s our guy.

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