Transition Troubles

The Sixers have been for the most part have been very impressive since the trade for James Harden, but there is a glaring weakness that has started to show in these last couple of games. The Sixers have been getting exposed in transition recently and are consistently giving up large runs throughout games when the pace picks up. They seem to have no problem in transition offensively, but when the other team starts getting stops and pushing the tempo, the Sixers have been giving up huge runs. Kevin Durant even said after the Nets blew out the Sixers, that they killed us in transition and that he thought we were a bad transition team in general. His case was supported by the 30 point win they had against the Sixers, but also by the defensive performance in the Orlando and Denver games since then.

Not only is this becoming a trend, but it is becoming a game plan for opposing teams already. The Nuggets coach Mike Malone, even stating that their main goal was to push the pace of the game as fast as possible. The Sixers are consistently getting beaten down the court and leaving people open for transition threes or momentum swinging dunks. The best teams in the league, especially the teams the Sixers would be facing in the playoffs, will take note of this and continue to expose them unless there is a change.

Playoff Implications

Whether that be lineup changes or a mentality change, it doesn’t really matter, but something needs to change if the Sixers want to be successful. While the game will slow down in the playoffs and there will be more half-court offense, it still leaves the Sixers vulnerable to giving up large runs throughout the game. We see this every game when you watch a team like the Los Angeles Lakers, who consistently get beaten down the court and blown out in transition by the opposing team. The Sixers are not an extremely old team like the Lakers, so there is no reason these guys should not be hustling back and if they hope to win a championship, they better understand that quickly.

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