March 24 is National Cheesesteak Day.

What better way to celebrate this Philadelphia-based national holiday than to sing along and dance to the fun Philadelphia anthem, “Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes” by Pitz Quattrone & The Freelancers?

Didgeridoo Maverick, Pitz, was born and raised in the Philly area. Since moving out of state years ago, Pitz and guitarist friend, Chris Robertson (also Philly ex-pat) wrote this positive, catchy anthem on the two things they miss the most about living in Philly, “Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes“.

This anthem is for all Philly folks everywhere and to be enjoyed year-round and for decades to come.

National Cheesesteak Day, March 24, is a perfect match to launch the Philly anthem, “Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes”. There’s also a karaoke version!

Earlier this month, Pitz was a guest on Philly sports and entertainment legend, Lou Scheinfeld’s “Museum of Sports” show co-hosted by Doug Shimell.

They talked about Philly sports, The Spectrum, the Didgeridoo, and of course, the fun Philly anthem, “Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes“. The excitement begins with Pitz, Lou, and Doug at the 23:44 mark of the video.

Check out Pitz’s site for all the smile-creating projects that he’s up to:

Featured Image: Pitz Quattrone
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