Campaign Rally

This is the new campaign that has started that all Sixers fans are getting more and more behind with each game that we are forced to watch DeAndre Jordan and the rest of the bench struggle. Every game it is more and more obvious that the Sixers need help off the bench, especially at the center position. And there is no one else on the team better suited to give this team that jolt of energy than Paul Reed, but Doc Rivers continues to be oblivious. How many games can the Sixers toss out the same rotations and think anything different will happen? With the playoffs getting closer and closer, there is no better time for this campaign to really pick up steam.


It is insane that Paul Reed has not already been getting more minutes this season to begin with after winning MVP and Rookie of the Year in the G-league last season. The Sixers put him in a developmental league last season thinking he was not ready for NBA minutes and physicality, and he proved to be the best player in that whole league. Not saying that means he can win MVP in the big league, but he sure as hell can come off the bench for the MVP of NBA. He provides a combination of  scoring, rebounding, energy, and potential that no other player on the roster can compete with.

Reed has not been given his moment to shine in the NBA because Doc would rather play a deteriorating NBA vet because he has known him longer. DeAndre needs to stay on the team for when the opposing team has a legit 7 footer playing when Embiid is resting, but that is not many teams. In almost every other situation it should undoubtedly be Paul Reed. He can play a role similar to the one Nic Claxton plays for the Nets, which would help the Sixers in so many ways. The Sixers have been getting killed in transition and Reed’s youth and hustle would immediately help with that.

Deja Vu

While typing this all out, I cannot help but feel like fans were right back in this position last year, just with a different player. That player was Tyrese Maxey, who Doc would not give consistent minutes to throughout last season, despite the great performances and potential shown by Maxey throughout the season. Not saying that Paul Reed is on the same level as Maxey, but it is clear Doc favors veterans no matter how much the young players could benefit the team. Doc really was playing a washed up George Hill, who wasnt even on the team most the year, over Tyrese Maxey consistently. Now he is playing a washed up DeAndre Jordan, who hasnt been on the team most the year, over Paul Reed…. do you see what I’m getting at?

Let the Youth Develop

At the end of the day it is a coaches job to get the most out of their team and develop the young players, and that is all we fans are asking for. Reed has done nothing but impress, yet he still cannot crack into the rotation consistently. Paul Reed is a young, promising player that it feels like nobody has had a chance to see play because Doc thinks it is still 2015, but hopefully he will wake up from his coma soon.



Picture by Dakota Schmidt via Ridiculous Upside

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