Those who follow the Eagles world on Twitter may already be familiar with Shamus Clancy, the new deputy sports editor for the Philly Voice, avid Eagles fan, and one half of the internet-famous Eagles Super Bowl parade proposal story.
A Penn grad, Clancy has done writing and podcasting work for the Philadelphia Daily News, NBC Sports Philadelphia, and now full-time for the Philly Voice. While his work covers all Philly sports, I talked with Clancy specifically about his experiences with the Eagles. As a fan, he says his favorite experience was the Super Bowl season, specifically being at the Linc for the NFC Championship game and the parade experience. Clancy says “being in the stadium for that game was the best energy I ever witnessed at a game”, and the parade a few weeks later was “mythical”.
One of the reasons the Super Bowl parade was so special was because it was the first time Clancy met his now-fiancee. He says he tweeted the famous VJ Day Picture with the caption “me and your girl on Broad Street” to which his fiancee Ashley then “slid into my DM’s”. They recreated the photo during the parade, began dating, and then had moved in together within the same year, and now the pair are engaged.
I asked Clancy his thoughts on the upcoming Eagles draft and season. He described this year as a “strong D-line class” and says with the Eagles defensive needs, there are a few players that could be targets such as Georgia DT Jordan Davis whose combination of size and speed make him an ideal choice. Clancy also mentioned that despite the fact the Eagles have taken a wide receiver in the first round the past two drafts, there is still a need and with three first-round picks that could be a possibility. He indicates Ohio State’s Chris Olave and Penn State’s Jahan Dotson as wide receiver candidates. Clancy also pointed out safeties Jaquan Brisker and Kyle Hamilton, from Penn State and Notre Dame, respectively, as potential secondary targets.
In terms of quarterback outlook, Clancy says he sees Jalen Hurts as the 2022 starter and would not anticipate the Eagles drafting a QB this year, also commenting that this year’s quarterback class is not particularly strong. He says while he does not view Hurts as the long-term solution, he believes he can “improve as a passer” this year and Dallas Goedert’s first full season in the TE1 role should help Hurts.
Those interested in following Shamus and his work this upcoming season can follow him on Twitter @shamus_clancy.

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