Howie might’ve struck gold with this one.


With what might have been the Eagles last big Free Agency move. The Eagles further addressed the LineBacker position that has struggled for several years. After letting go of Alex Singleton, the Eagles upgraded the position by bringing in Haason Reddick on a whopping 3 year, $15m deal. Now they’ve continued to add and brought in Lehigh County native Kyzir White for a 1 year deal.


Cap Situation

Kyzir White’s 1 year deal is worth up to $5m. Likely being the Eagles last big Free Agency signing after giving Derek ‘It’s Always Him’ Barnett a 2 year deal. With only $23,182,250 in cap remaining before these two moves. One would think GM Howie Roseman tries to keep the last $15m open to sign all the rookie deals after the draft. Not counting out the fact the Eagles could trade up or trade back in this draft if there’s players they’re not sold on. Personally I’d trade back the 19th pick to whoever the highest bidder is on draft day.


The Stats

More on Kyzir White, who came off a fantastic season on a Chargers defence that was one of the worst in the league. Kyzir finished the season with 144 Tackles, 2 Interceptions and 1 Sack. Turning 26 on March 24th, Kyzir is a great addition to the Eagles LineBacker position. Starting in 37 games during his rookie deal, Kyzir will be a difference maker that will hopefully see the Eagles give up less yardage underneath.


Next Move

With 2 big moves being added to LineBacker this off-season. I could see this filling the need enough to take LB off the board in the 1st round. Perhaps there’s still a unique prospect available during the 2nd or 3rd round. But for now I’d turn my eyes towards taking a Corner and filling the WR depth beyond Zach Pascal.

We’ve already seen some big change ups in the roster. With Singleton & Avery being replaced with Reddick & White. While Zach Pascal should hopefully be pushing JJAW to the bottom of the depth chart.

Rumors have had veteran CB Stephon Gilmore potentially linked with the Eagles. If his addition is around the corner, we’d be replacing Steven Nelson with another Elite Corner that could drastically improve this defence.

We’re 33 days out from the Draft, anything is still possible.






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