Zach Pascal

Zach Pascal signed a one year, 1.5 million dollar guaranteed contract with the Eagles.
Pascal has a career of 150 receptions, 1,888 yards, and 15 touchdowns. Last season Pascal caught 38 balls for 384 yards and 3 touchdowns.

The Good

This could potentially be a really good deal for the Eagles. This is a low-risk deal that does more good than harm. In what turned out to be an expensive free-agent wide receiver market, the Eagles decided to go cheaper and bring in Pascal. Another reason this is a good signing is that Pascal is familiar with Sirianni. Further, he is a veteran presence in the slot and can help the development of Hurts and the young receivers.

The Bad

I would not go as far to say this is a bad signing, or there are many bad things associated with this signing. Pascal was not exactly who we wanted. There were a few big name receivers out there and it just didn’t work out this off-season. Pascal won’t come in and light up the stat sheet or take focus away from DeVonta Smith or be a significant physical presence on the other side of the field than Smith.

Final thought

Although he wasn’t exactly the upgrade the fans wanted, he is still a solid addition to the wide receiver core and makes this team better.

Derek Barnett

Now, this is signing that, well, nobody seems happy with. The Eagles are re-signing edge rusher Derek Barnett to a two-year deal. Last season Barnett finished with two sacks and three penalties, so yeah, not great.

The good

I don’t mind this move by Howie and the front office. You are bringing back a young player with experience on a cheap contract. The Eagles already made their big defensive move in signing Reddick, and don’t forget extended other edge rusher Josh Sweat earlier in the year. Now they are keeping depth on the defensive line by re-signing Barnett. By adding Reddick, a career year from Sweat, and Brandon Graham’s return, we will see a reduced role for Barnett. This minor role could help him regain some of his production earlier in his career.

The Bad

We didn’t want him back. Barnett has become a player Eagles fans no longer have patience for. If you want to take bad penalties and not produce, you have to be ready for the fans to move on. Another reason I don’t love this signing for the Eagles is I would have liked to see another fresh body on the D-Line. This team has brought back many of the same guys, and I think another new face and body could have brought energy and a different attitude to the defensive line.

Final thought

Although this is an unpopular signing it was a no-brainer to bring Barnett back on a cheap deal. He needs to clean up his penalties, but I still believe he can have a role and be a productive player on this team, just not as big of a role as he has had in the past.

Kyzir White

The Eagles signed former Los Angeles Chargers linebacker Kyzir White to a one-year deal worth 5 million dollars. White is coming off a career year where he posted 144 tackles, one sack, two interceptions, and two forced fumbles. He also played in all 17 games, which is significant for a defense with some older players.

The good

I, for one, love this signing; how could you not. The Birds are bringing in a young player coming off a career year, on a cheap deal. Not only that, I think White is exactly what this defense needs. Howie has neglected the linebacker position for too long. White adds a fast and physical presence to this defense. He is a sure tackler who will come down to the line of scrimmage and make plays. Further, White played safety in college, which helps him in the coverage game. If Kyzir has another productive season, the Eagles should look to re-sign him before he hits the FA market again.

The bad

There is not much wrong with this signing at all. The only way this could be a bad signing is if White has a down year and doesn’t produce for the Eagles. If that is the case, he is only on a one-year deal, and both sides can move on.

Final Thought

The Eagles addressed a desperate need on defense, specifically in the linebacker spot. They added a good young player on a cheap deal. Kyzir should be a perfect fit for the Eagles, and I am looking forward to what he can bring to this defense.


What’s Left

The Eagles seem done in Free Agency at this point. There are still some big names available and guys who could help the Eagles. Philadelphia still needs help in the defensive backfield and wide receiver position. Tyrann Mathieu makes too much sense for this team; although the Eagles don’t seem interested in him, he would be a great signing (depending on the contract, of course). They also have the draft to address some of these issues, which seems to be the route the Eagles will take.

Although this wasn’t the exact off-season we all wanted for the Eagles, I like their moves and think they maneuvered through this crazy NBA-like off-season in the NFL rather well. Let’s let the draft play out and see what else Howie has up his sleeve before we decide to grade the entire off-season for the Eagles.

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