With only three regular season games remaining for the Sixers, it is time to start thinking about the postseason. What is more important for Philadelphia, keeping Embiid healthy and rested for the playoffs? Or should Embiid be able to finish the season strong to make his final MVP push?

Philadelphia has three games remaining on their schedule. April 7th in Toronto against the Raptors, April 9th at home versus the Pacers, and April 10th at home versus the Pistons. The 76ers currently sit 49-30, 4th in the eastern conference. The Toronto Raptors are three games behind them in the standings. Philadelphia clinches a top 4 seed with just one more win, thus giving the Sixers home-court advantage in the first round.

Meanwhile, Joel Embiid is at the forefront of one of the closest and most intriguing MVP races in NBA history. Embiid, the Denver Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic, and the Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo. Not only that, Embiid is also in the race for the scoring title. With Embiid scoring 44 and 45 points in his past two games, he has surpassed the Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James as the current leader in points per game this season.

I think the vast majority of fans would agree that trying to make a Championship run is more important than Embiid making a run at MVP. But the question then becomes, in order to make that championship run, would sitting Embiid for the rest of the regular season hurt or help the team’s title tun?

Rhythm vs Rest

Embiid’s last two games of scoring 40+ points is ridiculous. Even if he still puts up over 30 points a game for the remainder of the season, he would go into the playoffs on a super hot run. Plus, you don’t think Embiid cares about winning MVP? There is definitely an argument to be had that not resting would actually help Embiid keep performing at a high level when the postseason rolls around.

It is worth noting Embiid’s injury history however. Now, Embiid has already set a career high for the most games he has played in a single season. He has been very healthy this year. But, the idea of Embiid possibly getting hurt in a meaningless game at the end of the season should make any Philly fan sick to their stomach.

Also worth mentioning is that the final two games of the regular season are on back-to-back days. Like his injury history, Embiid has a history of sitting one of the two back-to-back games, but has done that much less this season. Is there a potential middle ground with this? Have Embiid sit one of the Pacers or Pistons games and play the other two? There are a lot of directions the Sixers can go, and there truly is not a correct answer.

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With so many things at stake with just three remaining regular season games, we will learn what the 76ers organization prioritizes with their decision with Embiid. Seeding for the playoffs, ending the season hot, an MVP race, a scoring title race, and a potential Championship run.

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