It was foolish to think Howie would enter the draft 22 days from now with all 3 first round picks still in his pocket.


If you missed the deal that broke headlines Monday. The Eagles swapped the following picks with the New Orleans Saints:

Eagles Received

  • #18 2022
  • #101 2022
  • #237 2022
  • 2023 1st round pick
  • 2024 2nd round pick

Saints Received

  • #16 2022
  • #19 2022
  • #194 2022


Now at first I was thinking this was a terrible deal and makes me worry about what our drafting might look like with only 2 picks instead of the 3 (Howie is still the one behind the phone on draft day). But after taking the afternoon to think about it further, read the rest of the internet’s reaction and discuss amongst others. This deal is actually one of Howie’s best moves.


Cap Struggle

Sure, the Eagles could go on all in this off-season and try to fill 3 major holes in the roster with some Day 1 picks. Except Rookie deals are expensive, and the Eagles don’t have that much cap space left. According to The Eagles currently have $11,122,547 left in cap space after signing DE Derek Barnett, RB Boston Scott & LB Kyzir White. DeVonta Smith’s rookie deals have him carrying a cap hit ranging between $3,662,071 and $6,408,625.

That being said, having 3 picks within the top 20 would surely see them all receiving similar deals to the Eagles 10th overall pick in the 2021 draft. Even if all 3 rookies were signed and only carried $3,500,000 cap hits. That would leave the Eagles with barely half a million left in cap space. Not a lot of room to upgrade the roster or to go all in at the 2022 deadline if the Eagles are in that position.


Loading Up

The Eagles now hold 5 draft picks in the top 101 picks of the draft.
These picks are:

#15 (From MIA)
#18 (From NO)
#101 (From NO)


Even with these 5 picks in the draft, the Eagles are surely able to hit on a bunch of players that everyone is piecing along their draft boards. While this move will leave them tons of ammo to stock up on players, this does also leave them in a prime area to trade up within the top 10 if they feel the need to take any high value player who could be taken off the board by the time pick #15 rolls around.

The Eagles currently have 7 picks rolling into the 2023 draft, 2 1st’s and everything of their own except for a 6th round pick.

2023 could be the year the Eagles decide to go all in. With hopes of the cap increasing over the next several years and a much deeper Draft. The Eagles are already gearing up for 2023, whether they need to upgrade along the Defence again. Or if Jalen Hurts isn’t able to prove himself as the future start of the team, they could be trading up for a top 10 pick that could lead to a new Starting Quarterback.

Hopefully the Saints pick proves to help the future, as the Saints are looking questionable and might not be the usual threat to the NFC South. With new Head Coach Dennis Allen taking over for Sean Payton. While Jameis Winston will be returning from his ACL injury. Marcus Williams and Malcolm Jenkins have since left the Black & Gold and Terron Armstead packed his bags for Miami. This won’t be the 9-8 Saints team that was trying to squeeze its way into the playoffs last year.


Wrap Up

Overall, I respect the move. The prolonged consistent rebuild has Howie keeping the Eagles consistently competitive. We know what Hurts can do. 9-7 is good but it’s not good enough. Following the rumors of QB1 working out with Tom House on the West Coast. Eagles fans should be looking forward to the 2022 season when Hurts gets a 2nd year with the same coaching staff.



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