The Philadelphia Phillies claimed their first win over the Miami Marlins, only to suffer another loss in the finale with Zack Wheeler on the mound. The Phillies moved to 4-6 in the first 10-games of the season. They find themselves in fourth place in the NL East. 

Unfortunately, the Phils are handling their growing pains as anyone else would, which is rough! 

However, there are some shining improvements by players showing they can and want to be on this roster as we approach the May 1st deadline. 


Realistic Roster Come May 1st

Catcher (2): 

J.T. Realmuto 

Garrett Stubbs 


Infielders (6): 

Rhys Hoskins 

Jean Segura 

Didi Gregorius 

Alec Bohm 

Johan Camargo 

Bryson Stott 


Outfielders (5): 

Bryce Harper 

Nick Castellanos 

Kyle Schwarber 

Matt Vierling 

Simon Muzziotti


Pitchers (13): 

Zack Wheeler 

Aaron Nola 

Ranger Suarez 

Kyle Gibson 

Zach Eflin 

Corey Knebel 

Jeurys Familia 

Brad Hand 

Jose Alverado 

Seranthony Dominguez 

James Norwood 

Nick Nelson 

Andrew Bellatti 


Currently, the May 1st roster will look something like the above list. Major League teams will only be able to carry 13 pitchers maximum once 26-man rosters go into effect. Thus, Christopher Sanchez and Bailey Falter will most likely make the trip to Triple-A Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. 

However, it is not the end of their season due to the Covid/Injury issues that may arise during the season. Also, it might not be these two that go down. 

Sanchez and Falter could be some of the better arms in this bullpen in two weeks, but the performance will determine that over the next two weeks. 

The other factors are Odubel Herrera and Mickey Moniak coming back from injury with an ETA of May. Only time will tell how this will shake up the lineup and the team, but you can bet that Joe Girardi will be giving both a shot in centerfield. 


Bad Decisions Making

Who is Public Enemy #1? 

Some might think the Phillies’ recent issue with Alec Bohm might grant him this moniker. On the contrary, it has always been the lousy decision-making ability of Phillies manager Joe Girardi. 

Girardi has been lackluster, to say the least. Even Gabe Kapler made this team a .500 ballclub with less talent and players around him, which shows who may or may not be the better manager during this age of the game. 

Joe Girardi needs to figure out how he wants this teamwork, and the team cannot grow if it does not get some consistency in performance, line-ups, pitch counts, and outings. It is early, and people can forgive testing the waters a bit, but Girardi has been testing Phillies’ talent stream for over two seasons now. 

Something has got to give in the baseball decision area of the Phillies game plan, or some roster/job changes will need to be made for better or worse.


Current State of the Team

The Phightins are putting up a fight. This team will never be out when making a comeback or holding off a lead. 2022 is different. Phans and players need to believe that. Obviously, fans and optimists have said this before, but something is brewing in the Phils organization that has not been seen in over a decade. 


That feeling is attitude. 


Attitude is a powerful aspect of sports that can make or break a season or any critical moment of performance in a playoff run. Bryce Harper, Alec Bohm, Kyle Schwarber, Nick Castellanos, and the rest of the gang will be able to make that push to the next level. The next level refers to a winning record above .500. 

Rhys Hoskins’s fielding woes continue. Starting Pitching is still inconsistent and shaky. The Bullpen is holding up so far. Our hitters are not launching bombs, and the Liberty Bell is silent.  

Flipping the switch on all of these issues is the only way for this team to win the NL East. Making the playoffs is nice, but this team should strive for nothing less than a divisional championship. 

Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

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