Following the Philadelphia 76ers 112 – 97 win in game 2 of the first round of the NBA Playoffs against the Toronto Raptors the Sixers took a 2-0 lead in the series as they head off to Toronto. So far Philadelphia has had the upper hand on this Raptors team But its team to peel back and look at 3 areas of the game I think are Important. What I would use as areas to look at are : Offense, Defense, and Efficiency. 


Offensively the Philadelphia 76ers have domination in most categories compared to the Toronto Raptors. They average 121.5 points compared to the Raptors 104 ( a whole 17.5 point advantage for Philadelphia) . On the boards offensively the Sixers actually lose the offensive rebounding battle 10 a game for Toronto compared to the Sixers 8.5 ( 1.5 less than the Raptors). However they make up for this with their assists, they lead the Raptors in this category 24.5 to Toronto’s 21.5 ( a difference of 3 assists). And finally we lead Toronto in free throws attempted by a ratio of 32 to 17.5 ( a big difference of 14.5 more free throw attempts for Philadelphia).


On the Defensive side of the ball the 76ers are doing a pretty good job as well. As of right now Philadelphia is winning the defensive rebounding battle 31.5 to 25.5 ( a difference of 6 rebounds). Philadelphia leads the steals battle 5.5 to 4 ( a difference of 1.5). And last but not least we lead the way in the block battle 8 to 6 ( Philadelphia averages 2 more).


Being efficient is another very important part to any basketball game. Philadelphia leads in field goal percentage with a ratio of 51.6% to 45.6% ( Philly is 6% higher). They also lead three point percentage 48.4% to 37.1% ( 11.3% difference). The Sixers also lead in free throw percentage 85.9% to 82.9% ( 3 percent difference).


In all honesty, I think in a majority of factors Philadelphia is doing a good job in this series. However I believe our scoring may be an issue, James Harden needs to give us more points and our bench needs someone to step up and score just a little more, it would give us more ability to give our starters slightly more rest. I do think Philadelphia may have the series in the bag depending on how the Toronto trip goes.

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