There’s an old baseball saying that you can’t win your division in April, but you can lose it.
But oftentimes, May is the month that determines what a baseball team is going to be for the season.

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A strong May can propel a team to the top of their division, and a poor one can derail the thought of playoffs.

For the Phillies, who have gotten off to a mediocre start (11-12 at the time of writing this), May needs to be the month that they begin to play more consistently. If they are going to be rise to the top of a suddenly very strong NL East, then it’s going to have to be Bryce Harper, who leads the charge.

Up until this point in the season, Harper has been solid, slashing .253/.316/.811, but the Phils are going to need Harper to be the player he was last year when he was awarded his second NL MVP award.

The team has a middle-of-the-pack rotation at best and a bullpen that leaves much to be desired. That’s why their lineup needs to produce day in and day out if they have hopes of playing in October, and it starts and ends with Harper.

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Featured Image: FOCO
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