How….how is it possible that the Sixers effort is in question after this game. It is Game 5 in a series ,that they just were able to tie up, and they looked like it was just another regular season game. From the moment the game started it was clear that Miami was playing harder and were more ready for the moment than the Sixers were. At the end of the day, there is no excuse to not be ready to play this game and show up with that type of effort.

Yes, Embiid did re-aggravate his facial fracture which clearly affected him for the remainder of the game, but what about everyone else. What are their excuses? To not box out, not communicating on defense, and turning the ball over all game. Missing shots is one thing, but a lack of effort is ridiculous. Embiid’s health obviously will decide the future of this series, but it will still need to be a team effort.

The blame goes to both the players and the coaches, but its hard not to wonder why the team seemed so unprepared to play. Getting outworked on every possession with barely any moments where they really seemed to show fight throughout the game. The Heat on the other hand looked like they were playing with their season on the line and showed up. The Heat never let the Sixers even come close enough to start to think about a comeback once they got the lead. The Sixers struggled to keep the game within twenty points in the second half, let alone really make it a game.

There is nothing more really to say about this game, other than they better put on one hell of a performance for the rest of this series, starting with Game 6 in Philly.

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