After a 116-108 win in game four the Philadelphia 76ers are tied 2-2 to the Miami Heat. The impact that Joel Embiid has had on this time since his return in game three has been immaculate and it has been great to see the sixers come back from the dead in a way. This team has seemed to come to life as of late and is playing some good basketball. For the Philadelphia 76ers I see the rest of this series against the Miami Heat with 3 points. The points in mind being how Joel will respond to MVP, the potential of the Heat playing Duncan Robinson, and how James Harden plays his role.

  1. How Will Joel Respond?

For a second time in a row Nikola Jokić has been named as the Kia NBA MVP. Joel Embiid has fallen short of winning the NBA’s league MVP award for a second consecutive year and Joel has seemingly so much to prove. I feel as if Joel is going to go off in game 5 and play some of his best basketball to win this series in 6 or 7 games, silence the critics slightly while manning the Philadelphia 76ers to his first conference finals appearance in his career. I believe Joel Embiid wants to make a statement tonight, and I think him winning may hopefully light a fire under the entire organization that is the Philadelphia 76ers.

  1. Will Duncan Robinson Make A Difference?

We have not yet really seen the Miami Heat’s three point shooter in Duncan Robinson. Duncan Robinson has not clocked minutes since game 2 and his last points came in game 4 of the Miami Heat’s first round series against the Atlanta Hawks where he dropped 3 points. Duncan’s last double digit points game came in game 1 against the Atlanta Hawks where he scored 27 points. In my opinion the Miami Heat could use some scoring and I think if Erik Spoelstra allowed his lineup to open up slightly it could help them find someone in a scoring groove that isn’t Jimmy Butler because they need more than just Jimmy dominating.

  1. James Harden Back To Normal?

James Harden had been having a rough postseason second round until Joel Embiid came back from injury in game 2. Since Joel Emiid has come back James Harden has averaged 24 points, 7.5 assists, and 7.5 rebounds. In my opinion James Harden needs to lower his turnovers as that is getting bad in the last 2 games, I also think he mainly needs to improve his scoring by taking his place as a costar to Joel Embiid and take his shots and play well alongside him.

   Opinion All In All:

I think that the momentum in the series is on our side right now and we just need to capitalize on that and just play our brand of basketball. Joel is still getting back into his own rhythm and I think we are doing good for what is going on but we will be back to normal Joel sooner rather than later, as I said I think he wants to prove something now that he has not been named MVP. All in all I think this series should go down as a pretty good series. If James keeps around what he has been doing recently it will bring amongst the team to keep it going


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