Ahead of the 2021-2022 playoffs, Betway Insider sat down with former NBA legend Muggsy Bogues where he spoke about how Sixers All-Star Joel Embiid and guard Tyrese Maxey have really stood out this year.

Which players have caught your eye?

“Of course, Embiid has been dominant throughout the season and through the playoffs.” He said. “You’ve got to give him a lot of kudos for that, being so consistent and possibly winning that MVP race”.

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Embiid was considered to be one of the leading candidates to win this year’s MVP, but it seems he has been beaten for a second year in a row by Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic.

Another player that caught Muggsy’s eye was guard Tyrese Maxey.

“But [Tyrese] Maxey has really stunned the league and taken a lot of pressure off of James [Harden]. I think that marriage of Maxey in Philadelphia could be very interesting going forward.”

Whilst Muggsy believes Maxey in Philadelphia could be an interesting partnership going forward; Sixers fans will hope that Maxey and co. would be able to deliver here and now in this year’s playoff.

The 76ers are still in a good position to get into the Eastern Conference Finals, with the series currently tied at 2-2 with the Miami Heat.

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