The Philadelphia 76ers’ season has officially come to an end. Very disappointing for Philly sports fans everywhere. However, it is now time to look into the offseason and start to get excited for the potential moves that the Sixers could make. But first, let’s look at some POSITIVES from this season!

Positive #1 – Joel Embiid

The best part about this season has no doubt been Joel Embiid. The big man had yet another MVP caliber season and took home his first scoring title. The big man gave it all he had and he earned his respect for it. He has been the one positive throughout the entire season. This has undeniably been the best season of his career. 

Positive #2 – Tyrese Maxey

The second positive to focus on is the guy who always has a smile on his face. In a year that he had to step up because of the Ben Simmons drama, he did just that. He was considered by many NBA fans to be the most improved player this year. He got up to 17 PPG in the regular season and over 20 a game in the playoffs. Also, 3-point shooting, which was a bad quality for him last year, is one of the best parts of his game now. He finished third in the league shooting roughly 43% from deep. The future is bright for “The Franchise”. 

Positive #3 – We succeeded with the drama

This year, expectations were all over the place for this team and it seemed like the Ben Simmons drama wasn’t going to end. Even though we got Harden, and didn’t play as well as we should’ve, it was still a successful season considering what the team went through. This is also a 1-seed Miami Heat team and we showed some fight throughout the series. I know it’s hard to look at the bright side with this, but trust me, there is one. 

With all of the negativity going around the Sixers community, we wanted to share with you some positives to look at. No, the Sixers aren’t in the finals. But we got to witness a masterful Joel Embiid season. Unfortunately there was no playing of the song, but let’s still clap our hands for the 10,9,8,76ers! 

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