Following an exciting NFL Draft weekend, the case can be made the Philadelphia Eagles had one of the best off-seasons in the NFL. The Eagles seem to have all the pieces in place to make a run this year. The real question is, are the Eagles legitimate contenders this year or pretenders?

Looking at how the roster shapes out, the Eagles have enough talent to compete for the NFC East title. The Cowboys didn’t make any wowing moves that solidify them as the favorite. Washington and New York got better, but they still seem a couple of years away. The NFC East will most likely come down to the Cowboys or Eagles again, and a lot will rely on the development of Jalen Hurts.

The Eagles went out and showed their faith in Jalen Hurts. They surrounded him with a ton of talent and this is his year to prove he’s the franchise guy. If Hurts improves as a passer and takes the strides that fans expect from him, then the Eagles may not just be forces in the NFC East, but in the entire NFC.

How far the Eagles go will depend on how much Jalen Hurts improves. Hurts has already shown he’s one of the best rushers at the quarterback position, now he needs to prove he’s just as good as a passer. The addition of A.J. Brown will certainly help Jalen, and then you add DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert as his other receiving threats. The Eagles have a legitimate shot to be one of the top offenses in the league.

In the first year of the Sirianni and Hurts regime, the Eagles were able to make the playoffs, which no one saw coming. With now another full year to understand the scheme and become comfortable with each other, the Eagles will look to improve off a solid first year with Sirianni last year. With more talent added and more development from the younger players, the Eagles look a lot scarier on paper than what people are giving them credit for.

The team looks good on paper, but we still need to see it in action. If everything goes as planned and Hurts takes the strides we all expect him to take, then don’t be surprised if the Eagles make a deep run into January.

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