The Sixers’ 2021-2022 season came to an end on Thursday evening when they lost game 6 in Philadelphia to the Miami Heat 99-90. The Sixers looked outclassed after forcing their way back into the series a week prior.

For as hurtful as yet another second round playoff exit is, it was indeed a fun ride, and questions were certainly answered.

It was evident last season and abundantly clear now that the Sixers nailed the 2020 NBA Draft with the selection of Tyrese Maxey at 21. While it’s unclear what the future holds in terms of offseason moves, James Harden, Tobias Harris, and really anyone on this Sixers team can be moved in the coming months with the exception of Joel Embiid and now Tyrese Maxey.

At the start of the season, the Sixers tasked Maxey with playing point guard, something he had never done before. Maxey was a benefactor of the Ben Simmons holdout drama and showed his true ability. While Maxey wasn’t the best point guard, he took the position, ran with it, and should be starting for the Sixers for the foreseeable future.

The Sixers rising star, is no longer rising, he has arrived. Maxey increased his three point percentage from 30% last year to 42% this year and at times was seen pulling up from a Curry-like range with confidence. If the Sixers have that kind of shooter on their hands along with his ability to drive and finish at the rims, he could be a top player in the NBA and a more than deserving counterpart to Embiid.

We saw the dazzling plays in his rookie season, and we saw a huge increase in three point percentage this year, now it’s time for Maxey to put it all together on a more consistent basis heading into next year. We now know exactly what kind of player Maxey is capable of being, but the next step in development is being that player on a night to night basis.

Tyrese Maxey is here for the long haul and he showed why this season.

Photo via Getty Images – David Dow

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