At our best this year as a collective unit this year came prior to the James Harden trade. I believe that our bench propelled us to different heights. I believe the weight that Andre Drummond and Seth Curry lifted from this team was huge. For us to make a real run we need to bring in good role players that do a few good things and have a decent impact. I think Daryl Morey needs to not necessarily focus on star power but instead on some guys to bring in to be anchors to hold the team down. I believe that we need to bring guys in that can give the impact that Seth and Andre brought in.

To start you have to see what you want out of your impactful backups. Guys like Andre and Seth may not have been world beaters or all around demons, but they had their specialties in which they used to stand above the rest. As for Seth he is an offensive machine and his scoring to a team is amazing, percentage wise he is one of the most efficient shooters and can give you some nice buckets. And for Andre he was a monster defensively that was a board grabber, he could on many occasions in philly be a nightly guy to get a double-double. For me it was bitter sweet to give this up for James Harden.

I truly think when we had these guys that we were in a different gear and just playing so well, the day we traded for James Harden I underestimated the impact these players brought us. For once it had seemed as if the front office had found it in themselves to get a capable backup for Joel Embiid and a decent one. Drummond’s defense and rebounding that came off our bench was huge for us, we truly were really benefiting from this momentum. Curry brought in someone who we could trust to shoot which is big not having to worry about a star always needing to take the shot when necessary. There were very few answers for this unit and how the bench and they were arguably good enough to beat some starting teams and honestly felt like we were world beaters with starting lineup 1a and 1b.

This is what we need to be focused on this offseason, we need to revamp this bench and bring in guys whose skills make them valuable. We need to bring in Seth Curry’s and Andre Drummond’s as they seemed to work so why not give it a try and bring in some similar players to play with those roles. It is absolutely necessary to focus on this team’s bench for the Sixers to really go to that next level.

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