Over the last week since the Sixers were eliminated from playoff contention, the main conversation around Philadelphia has been, what can the team do to get better this offseason?

So many suggestions have been floated around, moving off the Tobias Harris contract, a sign-and-trade James Harden deal, getting rid of Matisse Thybulle, and using Tyrese Maxey as a part of a move to get a superstar. All of these things are possible except for one now.

It was reported this week that league sources believe the Sixers front office views the 21st pick in the 2020 draft as untouchable.

It truly is crazy how far we have come with Maxey. Maxey showed flashes in his rookie season highlighted by a 33 point performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers when the Sixers were down the majority of their team due to a COVID outbreak. Maxey ended up working his way into the Sixers rotation later that season and ended up seeing playoff minutes that year.

Entering his second season, Maxey looked to be coming off of the bench behind Ben Simmons and Seth Curry but as a result of Simmons’ holdout ended up seeing a major minute increase. Maxey took over starting point guard duties in Simmons’ absence and didn’t see any decrease when the Sixers acquired James Harden. With this trust in him, Maxey developed into a star right before our eyes. I mean, just check out these highlights from the past two playoff rounds.

Maxey dazzled in so many ways this season and has quite literally forced the Sixers hand. Entering his third year, Maxey has absolutely become untouchable. He has done everything that the Sixers have asked of him and more and at only 21 years of age, there is no telling what his ceiling might be. There is almost no situation where the Sixers can justify shipping out someone with Maxey’s potential.

Maxey has the ability to get the entire stadium up on their feet when he’s hot, similar to the way his fellow superstar Joel Embiid is able to. So when talking about trade rumors this summer, let’s go ahead and leave Maxey out of this.

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