Are you sad about the Sixers playoff exit? Disappointed with the state of the Flyers? Infuriated with the embarrassing Phillies? Can’t wait until the Eagles are back? Don’t you worry, the Philadelphia Union is here for you.

You are not alone if you answered yes to any of those questions. It is hard to be a fan of most Philadelphia sports teams right now. Haven’t we suffered enough? If you are looking for a Philadelphia sports team that has championship aspirations (that are attainable) look no further than the Philadelphia Union.

Recently, the Union Are the Best in Town

Other than the Eagles’ 2018 Super Bowl victory, it has been all Union in terms of winning.

Since the 2020 season, the Union has amassed the most points in all of MLS. That includes bringing home the 2020 Supporters Shield. Awarded to the MLS team with the most points in the regular season.

The Union could also have had an MLS title to their name. However, a COVID outbreak prior to the 2021 Eastern Conference Finals would send that possibility away.

As for this season? The Union has played 14 games in MLS this year. They have lost 1. Their record speaks for themselves.

The Culture

When it comes to culture, no one has built a better one than Jim Curtin. Curtin is the longest-tenured head coach in Philadelphia, 2nd longest in all of MLS. He has led the team to an improved record year after year. He has now seen multiple homegrown players be sold to Europe, such as Brenden Aaronson and Mark McKenzie.

Captain Alejandro Bedoya leads the team on and off the field. His leadership on the field is irreplaceable. However, his contributions and voice off the field mean even more.

As for how tough the team plays, just look up Jose “El Brujo” Martinez highlights. No one embodies the toughness of playing here like him.

“But It is Chester! Not Philly!”

This is a bogus and weak argument.

The Cowboys don’t play in Dallas. The LA Rams don’t play in LA. The New York Jets and Giants don’t play in New York. Don’t use this argument to discredit what the Union has built.

Subaru Park is one of the best-looking stadiums in MLS. The environment the fans bring to every single game is unmatched. The Phillies and the Flyers haven’t been able to draw a crowd reaction like this in years.

Don’t Knock it Until You Try It

If you haven’t been to a Union game, you can’t complain about how you don’t like it. If you have and it’s not your thing I can respect that.

However, don’t be that person that complains and cries that soccer isn’t a real sport and no one cares about the Union.

The Sixers season is done. The Flyers and Phillies are in shambles. The Eagles don’t come back until September. The Union is the only hope for happiness and the only chance for a trophy to come to town.

Being a Philly sports fan sucks right now. Let the Union at least make life a little better.


Featured Image: Wes Shepherd/PHLSportsNation

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