Coming into the 2022 season, Miles Sanders will be playing with his future in mind.


Listed below are Sanders stat lines for both Rushing & Receiving


Sanders Rushing & Receiving Stats(Stats from ESPN)


Now, Sanders’ work load was increasing. Averaging 11.19 attempts per game his Rookie season. In 2020 he was averaging 14.2 attempts per game before a Knee Sprain sidelined him for 2 weeks. Sanders returned and averaged 13.26 attempts before missing the regular season finale from the reagitated injury.

Sanders had an awkward 2021 season. Starting the opening two weeks with 28 attempts for 129 yards. Only to be followed up with a combined 9 attempts for 40 yards the next 2 games. It wasn’t until Week 7 against the Raiders when a hush finally fell over the “RUN THE BALL” crowd. Unfortunately, the cost was Miles Sanders health. The first time the Eagles ran the ball over 30 times since Week 1, and the Eagles still rushed for 135 yards without their RB1.

The Eagles went on to average 209.3 in the three games Sanders missed due to his injury. Maybe he wasn’t an integral part to the Eagles Running Machine.

That was, until his return against the New Orleans Saints. Sanders contributed 94 yards on 16 attempts against what was the #1 ranked Run Defence in the League. Combined, the Eagles dropped a whopping 242 yards and 3 TDs all on the ground against the Saints. The Eagles managed to average 200.6 rushing YPG when Sanders returned to the field. Contributing to 454 of 1003 Rush Yards in 5 weeks.

Sanders involvement with the passing game declined even more in 2021 with the coaching change. Part of me wonders if Reagor & Sanders struggles with Sweep & Wheel routes goes beyond the player. That’s going to be something to look out for in the upcoming season.


So what should the Eagles do with Miles Sanders?


currently shows Sanders having a calculated market value of $4.2M. That’s a fantastic number if a fully healthy 2022 season has Sanders contributing over 200 attempts and well over 1,000 yards to the Running Game. With comparisons to Chris Carson & James Conner, looking to keep Sanders at a lower value will help the Eagles re-sign several key contracts that will be expiring at the end of the 2022 season. Javon Hargrave, Marcus Epps and T.J. Edwards could be looking to cash in next year.

However, if the Eagles wanted to move on from Sanders at the end of the year, I wouldn’t blame them.

Running Backs can always be a gamble. Look at the 2018 Rams extending Todd Gurley with a 4 year $57M contract. Gurley was released following a declining 2019 season and in 2020, almost cracked the 700 yard mark.

Zeke was hilariously signed to a 6 year $90M that will see him dressing up like a Cowboy until 2027. The once 322 attempt, 1,631 Yard Running Back was barely able to put up 1,000 yards while playing an extra Week 17 game. Overpaying for a Running Back? No Bueno.

Running Backs have also proven to be available throughout the draft. Javonte Williams & Jonathan Taylor were both 3rd round picks. With four picks in the top 3 rounds of the 2023 draft, and another four in the first 3 rounds of 2024. The Eagles could look to draft a Sanders replacement without ever filling a large need for a RB.


Opening Kickoff against the Lions is 101 days away. What’s your prediction for Miles Sanders 2022 season?


Go Birds.






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