There Is Nothing Better Than Seeing A Player Live Up To Their Full Potential
The 2021-22 season of the NFL was one of the most surprising, exciting, and unpredictable seasons that we have been treated to in a long time. 

Who would have expected the Bengals to make it to the Super Bowl and for former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford to win the competition with the LA Rams? 

At one point, it looked like the Lions were going to lose every game in the season, but they turned things around in the final 5 games. Neither Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, or Tom Brady made it to the Super Bowl. 

None of us could have predicted it. If you have thoughts about next season, you can find the best NFL lines here. 

Today, we’re going to be looking at the players who surprised us the most this year with their most improved performances.

Here are our Top 5 most improved players during the 2021 NFL season. 

5) Andrew Thomas

New York Giants, 2nd Year 

Andrew Thomas had a bad rookie season, and honestly, we hated seeing it. There were very few players last year that had as bad a rookie season as Andrew Thomas had – he was injured multiple times across the season, and he made some costly mistakes.

You would forgive any Giants fan that didn’t want him to come back this season. 

However, Thomas clearly spent the off-season working on his fitness, his skills, and his mindset – because he was almost like a different player this year. 

In 2020, he was the linesman that allowed the most sacks on his quarterback (10), and he also allowed 56 pressures to take place too. For that stat, he was second-worst in the league. 

This season, he only let 2 sacks through and 18 pressures. For that stat, he was 8th worst in the league. 

These are huge improvements that went relatively unnoticed because the Giants had yet another poor season. 

4) Dalton Schultz

Dallas Cowboys, 4th Year 

Spoiler alert, there are two Cowboys on this list. These improvements have shown in their final position in the NFC table. They moved up 4 places this season, and overall they were one of the most improved teams during the regular season. 

We also wanted to include Dawson Knox of the Buffalo Bills as one of the most improved Tight Ends in the league, but we didn’t quite have enough room. 

What makes Schultz’s achievements more impressive is that he hasn’t had a lot of time on the field this year. But, after his impressive performance in 2021, we expect that to change in 2022. 

This season, Schultz racked up 78 passes for 808 yards and 9 touchdowns. As well as marking up personal bests across the board. 

3) Trevon Diggs 

Dallas Cowboys, 2nd Year 

Can you remember the last time someone made 11 interceptions in a single season? The last time this happened was in 1981. 

Well, that was before Trevon Diggs came along. 

Diggs was another player that had an underwhelming rookie season, but he has more than made up for that this year. 

As alluded to above, Diggs made 11 interceptions in just 16 games this season. He led the league in this category. In his rookie season, he only made 3 interceptions. 

This season Diggs also scored 2 touchdown interceptions – he scored none in the previous season and made 142 interception yards this season – that is an improvement of 102 yards on the previous season. 

We didn’t expect Diggs to have such a spectacular season, but we couldn’t be more pleased. 

2) Joe Burrow

Cincinnati Bengals, 2nd Year 


Joe Burrow is Mr. Comeback Player of the year for 2021. This award was well deserved. 

If you had asked us to name the two Super Bowl quarterbacks for 2021-22, we wouldn’t have named either of them, and if we had named either Burrow or Stafford, you would have laughed at us. 

Burrow only played 16 of the games this season and ended up leading the league in 4 different categories. Most notably, passing percentage and average yards per pass. 

Burrow blew us all away this year; it is very rare that we see a quarterback with so little experience leading their team to the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. The team in Cincinnati has a lot to be proud of. 

They are one to watch next year, especially after their very smart choices in the draft. 

1) Matthew Stafford 

Los Angeles Rams, 12th Year 

Matthew Stafford is the hero of the 2021 season. If you ever need to show your kids the importance of working hard and not giving up, then you should direct them to Matthew Stafford’s Wikipedia page. 

Stafford went from being the starting quarterback on one of the worst teams in the league to winning the Super Bowl. It is unimaginable. 

On top of all of that, Stafford had his most accurate year of passing ever. Back in 2009, Stafford was picked 1st overall in the Draft, and he is finally showing us what he can do. 

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