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The Golden State Warriors are currently competing for an NBA championship, but they will need to make roster changes after this season regardless of the outcome of the series due to salary cap constraints. The Warriors are already paying Steph Curry , Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson max contracts this season and will have to figure out a way to pay the young, explosive scorer Jordan Poole this offseason.

Jordan Poole exploded onto the scene this year and has been incredible both in the starting lineup and off the bench this year for the Warriors. Poole is only 22 years old and has shown the ability to absolutely takeover a game, both in the regular season and now in the post-season. The front office and all the core players that built the Warriors dynasty over the past 8 years all sing Poole’s praises.

Having said all of that, it is obvious the Warriors are going to want to resign him, but with what money? As said before the Warriors are already paying max contracts to their big three, but they also will owe Andrew Wiggins 33.6 million dollars next year on top of all that. There is no way for the Warriors to pay Poole what he will deserve and keep Andrew Wiggins next season, so that puts Andrew Wiggins firmly on the trade block and that is great news for a team like the Sixers.

Why Wiggins Would Be a Great Fit

Andrew Wiggins was often thought of as a bust just a few years ago when he was struggling to form a dynamic duo with Karl-Anthony Towns in Minnesota. He struggled to be a consistent, efficient scorer and the team eventually decided to trade the former number 1 overall pick.  On the Warriors, Wiggins finally found a role that truly suited him and has turned into an elite two way player.

Wiggins found himself in a position where he was now the third or fourth option on offense on a given night and no longer needed to carry the load offensively. This allowed him to focus more of his effort and intensity to the defensive end, where he has really shined these playoffs. Wiggins is still more than capable of scoring 20 points on any given night, but he has found a way to do so without needing plays drawn up for him. He gets those points on catch and shoot threes, strong drives to the rim, and in transition because of his freakish athleticism.

The Sixers desperately need 3 and D players with playoff experience and Wiggins is that plus much more because he is capable of shouldering more of the load offensively. He is not exclusively a catch and shoot player and like most 3 and D players, and can takeover games at times.

With Klay Thompson out for most of the regular season Andrew Wiggins became the second best player on the Warriors at times and was selected as an all-star. Wiggins has exploded for 30 point games 44 times in his career, and has proven this year in the playoffs that he is capable of rising his level of play when the team needs it. Wiggins was an absolute monster in the Dallas series and has stepped up on every occasion even being the second leading scorer for the Warriors in the finals.

The final reason that Wiggins would be such a great fit would be because he was college teammates and is still good friends with Joel Embiid. Chemistry matters in the NBA, both on the court and off, and Andrew Wiggins already has great chemistry with Joel Embiid. The two of them were heard on mic’s joking around and catching up during the all-star game this year and always are catching up after each game they play against each other. Wiggins now has playoff and championship experience and is a perfect fit with the Sixers.

How It Would Work

Obviously if the Sixers are taking on the 33.6 million dollars owed to Andrew Wiggins, there will need to be roster adjustments made by the Sixers as well. The most obvious move would be to move Tobias Harris this offseason and all the money the Sixers still owe him.

Tobias Harris does not fit with James Harden, and after the ascension of Tyrese Maxey this year, he is no longer as important to the team as before. After Harden was acquired the Sixers big three was clearly Embiid, Harden, and Maxey. Tobias struggled to find his role and consistently score for the Sixers post-Harden, and that led to him trying to become a defensive stopper. I respect Harris’s effort and attempt to drastically change his game for the benefit of the team, but it just didn’t work.

The Sixers need perimeter defenders who can take on the opposing teams elite players, especially when James Harden is on the court.. With the regression of Thybulle, Tobias was out there guarding the opposing teams best perimeter scorers at times and that’s just not who he is. Harris showed excellent effort, but in the end an elite offensive player like Jimmy Butler just scored on him at will. Tobias is not that guy, but the Sixers needed him to be.

Tobias is a 20 point per game scorer, who is only getting 10 shots a game on the Sixers. He needs offense run for him and there were often games where he was non-existent. He still has a lot of value to teams in need of another offensive option, but the Sixers need complimentary pieces to their big three and defense.

Andrew Wiggins is that complimentary piece and would be a perfect fit on the Sixers. The Warriors won’t be able to take on Tobias’s contract so it would either need to be a separate deal or a three teamer, but its the deal that should be done. Tobias had a good run with the Sixers, but he is no longer the right fit and needs to be moved for the Sixers to truly contend.



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